Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Race Reporters" Interview: Listen Anytime

Michael Knight's Race Reporters show got a visit from someone to talk about NASCAR TV. That someone would be me. This is my second visit to this show. Steve Byrnes from SPEED and FOX is also a guest.

This is an Internet radio broadcast, so you can listen anytime by clicking right here. Just cancel any login box that might pop-up. Knight has a long and diverse history in the motorsports media and PR business. He has a habit of pushing tough issues and I certainly like that.

Steve Byrnes has an excellent interview in the beginning of the show where he touched on many of the NASCAR topics in the news. I was lucky enough to be the Newsmaker interview. We covered NASCAR on Fox, The Edwards vs. Keselowski incident, Darrell Waltrip, Danica Patrick, new SPEED shows and plenty of other media-related issues.

Hope you might listen sometime and give us a follow-up comment on the topics we discussed. Just click on the comments button below. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


Vicky D said...

This radio show was packed with guests and their comments. Enjoyed Steve Byrnes and his comments about the people screaming and holding up signs on Trackside and the other shows at the track. Liked your segment a lot too, JD.

Richard in N.C. said...

JD, enjoyed the show and your comments - although I still have a different take on Roush's intention when he accused DW and Rusty of bias and trying to settle some old score, which he's declined to explain.

Anonymous said...

Mike Knights program is one of the best there is. Too bad the networks don't put him on.

longtimeracefan said...

Sorry to sound a negative note but: The Daly Planet blog is a unique and interesting take on all things related to Nascar TV. It presents one blogger's opinion, but then relies on the participation of a number a other folks to accept or reject that opinion with their personal comments, more often than not in support. But the reason the blog is what it is, is because of the those folks, without whom it basically would be a rant. JD, you didn't mention them. Bad move, Bud.

Anonymous said...

A great listen!

Daly Planet Editor said...


I chose blogspot because it was free. Never did I intend to be labeled as a "blogger."

That seems to be a great catch-all phrase for pointing at someone as an outsider or an amateur.

Every post on TDP for years has thanked the readers for stopping by. When I closed this project, it was the email and messages from readers that made me reconsider and open again.

When I guest on someone else's show, I try to respond to questions directly, as the agenda is not mine to dictate.

I have great relationships on TDP, the TDP Facebook fan page and the TDP Twitter account with many thousands of fans worldwide.

The reason I have been sampling Internet radio and podcasts is because there have been strong suggestions that I should originate a project of that type.

My goal is to move to a different website format with a podcast or vblog built-in that would allow fans to have even a larger voice in talking about NASCAR TV and media.

Thanks for the comment.


51 yr. fan said...

I really enjoyed you on Knight's
program. Your responses are very
detailed and mirrored my thoughts.
Please don't give up the blog. It's
format and fans suit my needs and
time constraints. Keep up the great

JohnP said...

I really enjoyed the entire show, especially your part JD. I like how you don't candy coat everything and just tell it the way it is with the coverage of Nascar by the tv broadcasters. You tell the good, and the bad. To me, it's just the truth. I know some folks bash you, and the people like me posting here for being negative. But I too follow the Nelson ratings every Tuesday when they come out. And Nascar is simply slipping over the last three years. So there is more to that negativity then this site.

I'll ditto what 51yr fan said. I hope the interaction can be kept up here or somewhere like it. I know as a business person, you have to do what you have to do though. Those other projects sound exciting also.

Tiggy said...

A Good Find:

SPENCER: The Right Call

Drivers tire of being pushed around and racing someone who doesn’t show them any respect. When Keselowski entered the Cup Series, he established himself as a “tough guy” but sometimes the bully needs a punch to the nose. That’s what Edwards gave Keselowski Sunday. He proved he is not weak and no longer will accept Keselowski’s antics. I’ll bet the younger driver will start showing a little more respect to his fellow competitors. He learned a valuable lesson when it comes to playing with the big boys.

And Keselowski has been playing dirty with the big boys for a while now. He spun out Joey Logano at California coming to the checkered flag in the Nationwide race for no reason. He spun out Denny Hamlin at Dover last year and said it was “just racing.” He spun out Edwards at Memphis last year in the Nationwide race and blew it off as nothing. The kid beats the hell out of drivers on the track and once the shoe is on the other foot, people start calling for Edwards’ suspension.

Lou said...

Hi JD,
just finished the podcast of total time 56:01 w/ Michael Knight on the pit reporters. enjoyed it very much. you were on from 30:26 til 55:10 during the podcast. simply how surprised steve b and jeff h can be when taken off the environment of PC tv. oh well...

just a couple of things come to mind. Great lead in question from mike about KP and twitter w/tnt. good conversation about DW and Jack Rouch.

as far as the monday lineup on speed. I think you were PC when you said something to the effect of whats left of jimmy spencer. It is just another way to say good bye. and sad that it may happen. hope that is not true. but then again TWIN is gone also. but i also think Kyle Petty is a breath of fresh air to Nascar victory lane. can not speak of prerace since i do not usually watch that stuff on race day .

bottom line is that i enjoyed listening to you on the podcast w/michael knight. it is the second time i think i did listen to you on the race reporters.

Daly Planet Editor said...


You have to wonder what kind of TV forum would work for Spencer. Clearly, he needs more feedback and a much more effective partner than Ray Dunlap.

It's a shame to see Spencer put in that late night slot, because he could be a lightning rod for conversation in more of a Wind Tunnel style format.

Should be interesting to see what SPEED decides to do with that floundering program.


GinaV24 said...

It's making me crazy that this is here and I can't listen to it at work.

Anonymous said...

Michael Knight bio:

Michael Knight has been a motorsports industry insider for almost 40 years.

He graduated from Temple University (1975) in 2 ½ years with journalism school Dean’s List honors and already was on the Philadelphia Daily News staff.

A sportswriter, assistant sports editor, assistant news editor and special projects editor, he won the Frank Blunk Memorial Award (1979). He was American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association eastern VP and a Baseball and Pro Hockey Writers association member.

In November 1980, he became CART’s first communications director. In 1984, he expanded PR involvements to most major series. He was part of five CART championships, with Mario Andretti (1984), Michael Andretti (1991), Nigel Mansell (1993), Jimmy Vasser (1996) and Alex Zanardi (1997). Also worked with Paul Tracy, Gil de Ferran, Darrell Waltrip, Neil Bonnett, Johnny Benson, Al Holbert, Robby Gordon, Paul Newman, Joe Montana and others. He’s represented sponsors, IROC, plus managed PR for the Mario Andretti, Arie Luyendyk and Joe Amato retirements.

Knight was the first recipient of the Jim Chapman Award, for PR excellence (1991) and the inaugural Bob Russo Founders Award (2005), for contributions to the sport. He was chairman of AARWBA’s 50th anniversary (2005) and All-America Team ceremony. He’s been honored 26 times for motorsports journalism.

An Arizona Republic contributor, he also writes for Valvoline Online, Competition, as well as his own weekly blog.

Guest Paul Page said "I think you have the best motorsports show, for discussion, bar none." Chris Economaki said "If you haven’t tuned in to Michael Knight’s Internet radio show yet, do so. It’s live every Wednesday evening, yet you can listen to shows at any time. Guests have included Ray Evernham, Antron Brown, Graham Rahal, Lee White, John Force, Richard Petty — really someone for everyone! Knight’s other guests are journalists in good standing, who bring industry insight and questions for the “newsmakers.”

Daly is a 25-year veteran of TV production. He began his career at ESPN, working on the signature SportsCenter show as well as NASCAR races. Daly later held key production positions at Prime Network, which featured the This Week in NASCAR program, and with Sunbelt Video.

JD: Your bio pales in comparison to Mr. Knight's.

We all know about ESPN which was very early in your career. Why did you leave to go to Prime Network or Sunbelt Video - neither of which exist any more?

Working in the "medical field" now qualifies to critique NASCAR TV broadcasts?

Daly Planet Editor said...

What is all that about?

Michael and I knew each other from the CART days. I have never been a reporter and have never worked in the motorsports public relations field.

I wrote that short bio of myself. What is it that you want to know? I have always answered questions since I began this site back in 2007.

I chose to leave sports TV and it was the best decision I have ever made. No more travel, no more eight day weeks and no more strain on relationships.

Do you want to know that I was the Executive Producer for all the motorsports on Prime Network for years? That I loved my ten years at ESPN? That I was the Operations Consultant that helped put SpeedVision on the air? Ask and I will be happy to help.

Prime Network was sold to Fox and became FoxSportsNet. Sunbelt Video was sold to NASCAR and was originally called NASCAR Images. It is now a part of the NASCAR Media Group.

I live in a small town in Florida and help my local community by working in it. Sorry if that upsets you.

As always, you can use to send me any questions about my background, NASCAR TV topics or other issues.



Lou said...

this has nothing to do w/todays topic. Just want you to know many of us appreciate what you do and I thank you for that. Just thought you needed to know that. thanks for not deleting that comment from annon. "isn't tv fun."

Richard in N.C. said...

Working in the "medical field" now qualifies to critique NASCAR TV broadcasts?

Often what I see/hear on TV makes me ill & I almost always feel better after a visit to TDP - maybe not a cure, but welcome and effective therapy, which may extend my sanity.

Ken-Michigan said...

Well, you talked me into it.

I finally listened to that Michael Knight show. It's hard to give a decent review, because personally, I've never had a liking for Mr. Knight. I've met him & I've seen him "in action" as a P.R. guy, and he's as arrogant as they come.

His most recent "Race Reporter's" show with J.D as a guest was probably the only racing show in the world to use Ethel Merman music as a bumper to go to commercial. wow....what a stretch !!

Seriously, Ethel Merman ?? !!!

Knight referred to the Danica Patrick / Nationwide coverage as being "media excess".... back in the day, IF Mr Knight had "Danica" to represent as a P.R. guy.... Mr Knight would be barking at the Radio / TV / Public Address / Writers on getting her MORE coverage.

For now, he should stick to press releases and writing columns... his podcast or internet show sounds more like a 7th grade project.

After 30 years in the business, he's still a joke.

Anonymous said...


Is this the same Michael Knight who handled Nigel Mansel when he was running CART?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Michael had a long and winding road in the motorsports PR game.

You can click the Spin Doctor 500 link on the TDP main page to go to his blog.

Yes, it's the same one!


GinaV24 said...

Finally had a chance to listen to this. Great job, JD. I enjoyed Steve Byrnes on this show as well.

The Daly Planet is the first place I check any time I come on line. I know you didn't mean to be a "blogger", JD, but I've been enjoying the ride and am grateful that you came back for us.

Allison J said...

Heck, I'd like to see you or someone else replace Claire B. Lang and Dialed In. That is probably the worst broadcasting in the history of racing. Every 15 minutes of her show consists of 5 minutes of telling us what she's going to tell us, 5 minutes of content, then 5 minutes of telling us what she's going to talk about in the next 15 minutes. It is the most aggravating thing. XM/Sirius dropped Joe Castello and Power Shift, and kept Claire B? Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

Ken-Michigan is spot on!

When Knight was "handling" Nigel Mansel, you couldn't get within 100 feet of him, no less get an interview scheduled.
Knight was arogant, egotistical and a pain in the axle.

The guy is radioactive

Daly Planet Editor said...

Hey guys, everyone had a past. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Hey John

...and sometimes that past catches up with you......just sayin"