Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday TV/Media Notes

Here are some items that crossed the TDP desk early in the week:

Steve Byrnes mentioned on the Monday night Race Hub show that SPEED would be carrying the January testing from Daytona International Speedway. We will try to get more details and pass them along. Testing is Jan. 20 - 22.

The picture above is of the late Benny Parsons at Daytona in 1969 running an ARCA car. Wednesday is the voting and announcement of the next inductees into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Parsons is one of those nominated. SPEED has a preview show at 3PM and the live announcement at 4PM ET. The good news for fans who are away from the TV is that NASCAR.com will stream the announcement live starting at 4PM. Thanks to our friends at Turner Sports!

On a tough note, Neil Goldberg has been let go by ESPN. Goldberg was the Sr. Producer for NASCAR on ESPN and worked for NASCAR on FOX prior to that. He was arrested last week on a variety of charges after a Peeping Tom incident in his own neighborhood. Let's hope he gets some help and is able to confront the behavior that led to the incident.

Tuesday Mike Massaro hosts NASCAR Now on ESPN2 at 5PM ET. He will have Tony Stewart and AJ Allmendinger as guests. Both are set to announce new sponsors for 2011. Steve Byrnes hosts Race Hub on SPEED at 7PM. Rick Allen will stop by to preview his votes for the Hall of Fame. Also, Kurt Busch and Allmendinger are on the program.

The overnight (early) TV ratings are in and the NASCAR struggles continue. There were a ton of TV choices on Sunday and the race telecast got the expected results. From Jim Utter of thatsracin.com - Overnight ESPN TV ratings for Sunday's NASCAR Cup race at Auto Club Speedway are off 26 percent from year ago on ABC (2.3 to 3.1).

ESPN was kind enough to send along an advance copy of Tim Richmond: To The Limit that will air on Tuesday, October 19 at 8PM ET. This program will be on ESPN and is part of the 30 for 30 series that has been fantastic. The Richmond program is produced by Rory Karpf of the NASCAR Media Group. I'll be screening the show later this week and publish a review.

Finally, Shane Hmiel's family is updating his condition on a new Facebook page. Click here for the link that has the most up to date info and some great comments from fans. All our best to Shane and his family during this difficult time.

We will add any additional stories that pop-up on Tuesday right here. In the meantime, please feel free to comment on the topics mentioned above. To add your opinion, just click on the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for stopping by.


MRM4 said...

Some folks continue to insist the ratings are down because of the move from ABC to ESPN. That will get put to the test on Saturday night. My guess is the ratings will be down for it too.

Anonymous said...

Based off the trend, the ratings look to be a wash for the remainder of the season. Despite a later start time, people are still not tuning in.

At this point of the season, some are fed up with the Chase & tv coverage. These people declared Kevin Harvick the champion and devoted Sunday afternoons to football. There will be a lot of pressure on FOX at Daytona, as it will be their big chance to bring people back into the sport once football comes to a close.

glenc1 said...

yes, MRM4, I'm expecting that too. And there's probably some big college football games--is there baseball on (I really don't follow MLB)?

I've been following Shane's mom's updates. Sounds like a very strong family. I noted some FB messages from some drivers; nice of them to take the time to offer prayers.

Anonymous said...

So they are going to resume testing at Daytona in January - primarily due to the repaving.

But the track is charging $20 admission fee ? This is the pure definition of greed and what has got NASCAR and the tracks in the position they are in.

AncientRacer said...


You are probably right that some people have already declared Harvick the Champion, bur me, not yet. He's had some bad luck and Jeff and Jimmie are well within striking distance as of now. However, I do think he will get there.

ddsbstrb said...

John....thanks for sharing that great photo of Benny P, today. I was at a great USAC Sprint Car race, over at Winchester (IN) Speedway, back in September, and that race relates to two points in your story, today. First, Shane Hmiel won both his heat race and the A-Main, that day over at Winchester. I was able to get several photos of Shane, back in the pit, after the race. It is great to hear that his condition continues to improve.

Also, that same day, at Winchester, there were many historic race cars at the track, both running and on display for the fans to view. Most were either vintage or re-constructed sprint cars from the 1950's. Someone had Benny's 1969 Ford Torino's (ARCA) there, and it ran around the track for a few laps. It looked exactly like the one in your photo, used in your current story.

red said...

hmmm, saturday night. watch charlotte race or my phillies. hmmmm. what to do, what to do?

phillies, it is!

thanks for the great BP photo, JD! that "kneeling by the car" pose is such a classic. too bad the drivers don't do it anymore.

Lisa Hogan said...

I was surprised to read that Rick Allen is a HOF voter!!!???

Now I kind of understand why DW has been doing Truck and ARCA broadcasts.

glenc1 said...

hey--I asked about Patti Wheeler a few months ago and JD said because she married well she didn't need to work (which is, well...I hate to say it but kinda sexist...though true). Well, heck, I guess I was psychic, lol. Maybe with her kids being older she was ready to jump back into the fray. Anyways--I have to believe this is a good thing, she knows how to respect the sport.

Anonymous said...

Buschseries61: You are right. A lot of people do consider Kevin the Champion. He was leading after the "regular" season and to a lot of us, the season is over. Too bad the 10 race playoff points leader will be the one getting the money and accolades but to most people I come into contact with, it is not really a true championship. When a person is given a 50 point lead at the start of a 10 race playoff, that to me cannot be fair playoffs. NFL and MLB don't give teams a lead at the start of the playoffs. Nascar has their moments but they also have favorites and maybe not a conspiracy, but the odds are placed in their favorites favor.

As far as broadcasts, they are all about the same. Just personalities and favoritism get in the way. And maybe a lot of me, me, me and back in the day plus stupidity (?)....

GA Red

JohnP said...

No wonder the ratings are down. Kevin Harvick already won the 2010 season weeks ago. He was the leader before all his points were stolen from him by Nascar. Stewart won last year - before all his points and his teams work was stolen from them also by Nascar to "reset" the field. Re-setting the field is no different than the fake cautions Nascar is now FAMOUS for from even my Non-Nascar fans.

And add to that the absolutly horrible coverage and JJ LOVE FEST in the fall of 2009 by ESPN. Followed up by horrifically bad coverage by Fox the first part of 2010.

What does Nascar Expect? The fans know the sort and are treated like dumbed down kids by both Nascar and the broadcasters. THE FANS SEE RIGHT TRU IT AND ARE REACTING!!

Good for the fans. As a group they are smarter then Nascar will ever be because Nascar has the "walking on water" thinking about themselves.

I'm to embarrased by the sport at this point even to declair I'm a Nascar fan to my family or friends. My mom/dad/brothers and sister laugh at me at this point. All discussion (15yrs worth) has stopped from everyone. Someone says "Nascar" and others go "pfffffftt"

Anonymous said...

Stay the course boys, ignore the ratings! Everything is GOOD! Chase good, COT good, cookie cutters good, tv coverage good, debris cautions good, etc. etc. MC

Daly Planet Editor said...

There are two new posts up today. Just click the TDP logo to return to the main page.


Vicky D said...

I thought both shows were good tonight that segment on HUB with Jimmy Spencer was so funny he had Steve Byrnes rolling on the floor laughing. I enjoyed AJ's interview and comments by Rick Allen about the way they choose the new HOF members.