Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jeremy Mayfield TV Follow-Up

Update: Mayfield's appearance on SPEED's Race Hub show is now done. Leaving this post up for one more day to continue comments. Questions are do you think he made any sense, did you learn anything new and was it appropriate of SPEED to invite Mayfield on national TV?

The Tuesday version of SPEED's 7PM Race Hub show is going to feature a familiar face. Jeremy Mayfield will be in the studio talking with host Steve Byrnes about his life since his NASCAR career ended with a bang.

Mayfield's twisted saga began back in May of 2009 with a failed random drug test administered under NASCAR's new drug policy. The sport's drug czar first said it was a drug of concern. Then, the late Jim Hunter ruled out alcohol in a statement to the media. Eventually, the legal process revealed that Mayfield tested positive for the amount of methamphetamine consistent with someone who is addicted to the drug.

Mayfield's inconsistent statements and behavior early on led to a logical conclusion that NASCAR was right. Mayfield told ESPN's Marty Smith that he had never been informed of what drug had caused him to fail the test. That was not true. Mayfield famously got lost on the way to another random test at a lab after taking and failing one administered at his home.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the chaos NASCAR made a very bad decision. Some officials involved in the sport back in 2009 chose to climb right down in the gutter beside Mayfield. Statements obtained by NASCAR from Lisa Mayfield, Jeremy's stepmother, were presented to back-up the drug claims. The statements were completely outrageous.

In August of 2009, Lisa Mayfield was arrested by police for public intoxication and being what one police officer called "very high" at the time. She had been found banging on the door of Jeremy Mayfield's home by a neighbor. When Mayfield and his wife arrived back at the house, his stepmom threatened to kill them in the presence of police.

This was the woman NASCAR put forward as the "person of character" who provided a sworn affidavit that Mayfield had used meth at least 30 times in her presence and that she had seen him cooking the drug. Suddenly, because of this one poor choice NASCAR faced an issue that has still never been resolved. Just what exactly were they defending?

As adults, many of us have dealt with random drug testing in the workplace. It's a common way to make sure that safety comes first and also to catch and then help fellow employees who may be trapped in the cycle of addiction. The policies are made clear when someone signs on the line for a new job.

From the start, Mayfield insisted that NASCAR paid his stepmom and tried to solicit damaging statements from other family members in return for cash. In the media, former Mayfield co-workers from Ray Evernham to then crew chief Tony Furr painted a picture of a hardcore racer who did not drink alcohol and had never smoked a cigarette.

If NASCAR had just held the line professionally, Mayfield would not have a story to tell. A failed drug test led to a failed retest and then the end of his participation in racing. What makes Mayfield a great guest for Race Hub is that his allegations against NASCAR are of a personal nature. Like a good used car salesman, Mayfield exploits the fan distrust of NASCAR Chairman Brian France in every interview.

Race Hub host Steve Byrnes is good natured, but he simply does not allow guests to throw stones at the sport. Since being named the solo host, Byrnes has presided over the growth of a very important media property for SPEED. The dynamic of a TV series produced in the backyards of the NASCAR shops and just down the street from the Charlotte Motor Speedway is pretty powerful.

No one knows exactly what Mayfield will say on Tuesday. Others nabbed by NASCAR's random drug testing like Randy LaJoie have already completed mandatory treatment programs and been reinstated. It's doubtful that Mayfield, who has never admitted any drug problem or sought treatment for one, will back down an inch.

Hopefully, this is only the beginning for Race Hub where welcoming in controversial guests is concerned. SPEED needs to reinforce that this program is not another cookie-cutter show from the NASCAR Media Group, but rather an independent news and interview show that can make a name for itself. Mayfield should start that ball rolling quite well.

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Auto Journalist said...

I'm of two minds on this:

First, I've had no shortage of doubt when it comes to Mayfield's truthfulness. This is without concrete standing, of course - it's just what I'd call an informed impression based on what I've seen and heard over the years. So, I'd trust Jeremy Mayfield to be as spot-on honest as I'd trust...

Brian Z. France. The "what, me worry" mascot of US Motorsports.

NASCAR has an impressive track record of blackballing certain individuals whom, for crimes real or imagined, have fallen out of favor with someone - anyone - at a certain level in the (family) organization. Anybody else remember a hot-shoe from the '80s named Tim Richmond?

If you've got the right last name, however, you can get busted for street racing while high on crack, and get put right back in a race car as soon as the lawyers get your charges booted on a technicality.

Anonymous said...

This is a surprise. I would have thought Race Hub would avoid the Mayfield episode like the plague – way too controversial. I will not watch, but am looking forward to everyone’s comments. MC

51 yr. fan said...

Ratings must be down. Why wasn't he allowed to appear last year?
I'm sure Byrnes won't have hardball
questions and nothing to make
NA$CAR appear badly. SPEED is a
"partner" you know. Lets see them
put on BZF in rebuttal.

GinaV24 said...

I'll be interested to see how this is handled on RaceHub. I have to agree with the anon who posted surprise that Mayfield is going to be on the show considering he's obviously not a NASCAR fave.

I've never been a fan of Mayfield's,but NASCAR's record of blackballing people they don't like or just want to punish for some reason and the hide and seek selective rules application doesn't make me trust their word on this either.

racingfool said...

Steve Byrnes with Jeremy Mayfield. Hummm
That is going to be very, very interesting.
Steve is sharp and knows his sport. He also has the ability to balance well without getting into trouble with the NASCAR gurus.
Jeremy Mayfield. on the other hand is the complete opposite and has been though out his career.
NASCAR hasn't wanted him around for years and most teams felt the same way. Why? He is more of a liability than an asset.
He is a "sue happy" person!
He was one of the pioneers of the new trend to sue rather than settle team issues behind closed doors.

Here is a flash from the past that started showing what Mayfeld was all about in 2006. Remember?
I hope Steve does and I hope he brings it up during the interview.

Evernham's 'personal relationship' with another EMS driver sunk 19
By David Newton, NASCAR.COM
August 19, 2006
"Mayfield alleged in an Aug. 9 lawsuit filed in Iredell (N.C.) County to block his termination that Evernham was an absentee manager largely because of his "close personal relationship with a female driver he engages to drive on NASCAR's ARCA, Truck and Busch Series."

GinaV24 said...

racingfool - you are right that Mayfield has a history of shooting off his mouth to try and manipulate the situation - he did something similar with Penske when things didn't go his way with that team as well.

Still -- I haven't to say I'm interested to know how this will play out since things were handled badly on both sides.

the sanctioning body should be like Cesar's wife -- above reproach and I don't think they handled it well. Surprised? Nah, not me -- I watched BZF's teleconference debacle - as a sanctioning body Nascar can't seem to find it's bu** with both hands which is probably why I'm interested in hearing Mayfield's POV

Anonymous said...

A perfect show place for the issue and the perfect host to keep it on track. If Jeremy doesn't screw it up this could almost force NASCAR into addressing it in public as well and I hope if they do, mush mouth is the representative. I'd pay for a pay per view for that show!

Chadderbox said...

Nascar is probably hoping Jeremy sticks his foot in mouth tonight. Jeremy has made so many bizarre accusations over the last 18 months in defense of himself there is no telling what he might say tonight. He only has himself to blame for where he is now. Actually I don't know where he is right now, maybe he has gotten himself some help and is in a better place emotionally and spiritually these days. That would be good.
Unfortunately the whole thing has been a he said/she said situation, But I tend to believe he did fail a drug test. It's nothing more than a gut instinct on my part.

The Mad Man said...

If you changed the name of Tim Richmond and Jeremy Mayfield, this whole issue is eerily similar. I'd need a book to explain everything that's gone on in the Mayfield case.

Control of the media has been a big part of it. BZF and company has ensured that out of the hundreds of documents submitted in these cases, only certain ones made it into the public eye to slant public opinion against Mayfield.

Word was also put out from NA$CAR in the garage that nobody, not a single driver, crew chief, crewmember, team owner, media person, or sponsor was to say anything in support of Mayfield.

The supposed witnesses to Mayfield's supposed drug use are questionable at best. Lisa Mayfield's shenanigans have been documented. His former brother-in-law, David Keith, who has an ax to grind since Mayfield cut off funding to his team, was busted last year for drug use. And the crewmembers on Keith's former team all happen to be buddies of David Keith and all lost their jobs when Mayfield stopped funding that team. So they also have an ax to grind with Mayfield.

The truth about Aegis Labs and their loss of false positive lawsuits has been kept well hidden from the media and the public.

NA$CAR's history of blackballing people is well established. Curtis Turner, Tin Flock, reporter Jack Flowers, and others have been documented. Not to mention Bill France Sr preventing Ford and other companies from backing or sponsoring Wendell Scott. Could Tony Furr's backing of Mayfield be the real reason why he was indefinitely suspended by NA$CAR?

So needless to say, when it comes down to who do I trust more between Mayfield and NA$CAR, Mayfield wins hands down. I trust BZF and company as far as I can throw a battleship.

Oh, BTW, Mayfield was offered a settlement deal but it wouldn't have cleared his name, which is what he truly wants.

Chadderbox said...

Why would Nascar want to Blackball Jeremy Mayfield?

Anonymous said...

In another bizarre twist related to Jeremy Mayfield, does anyone find it interesting that Alli Owens is engaged to Paul Chodora?

Chodora was also suspended by NASCAR under the substance abuse policy and claimed in NASCAR court filings he witnessed Mayfield do Meth.

Anonymous said...

I think Auto Journalist said it best.

But all Jeremy had to do to prove his innocence is get tested at an independent lab chosen by a third party. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but he has never done this, has he? Much as I think NASCAR handled it poorly, I defended him for a while but I just couldn't anymore (and I wouldn't believe a word his stepmother says. It's his own words/actions.) It will be interesting to see how carefully Steve approaches this interview...he's the best, and I expect they gave a lot of thought before arranging it.

Anonymous said...

What is the over/under on the number of times Jeremy Mayfield has to wipe the sweat of his forehead tonight?

A common practice in his many prior interview...

KoHoSo said...

This is a great opportunity for Speed, Race Hub, and Byrnes. I don't want a channel or program to be all negative toward NASCAR any more than I want one to be all rah-rah. However, it's high time that one of NASCAR's "partners" showed some guts to cover issues that we know full well that Brian "Flounder" France would like everyone to ignore. I hope that Byrnes is tough but fair with Mayfield and doesn't just dismiss him or smirk through the whole thing as was seen this past Sunday on 60 Minutes during Steve Kroft's horrible interview of Julian Assange. I also hope that it is the beginning of an era where we will see an appropriate, measured amount of other interviews, stories, and features on those currently "negative" areas of our sport.

Anonymous said...

I hope RaceHub follows up by interviewing the experts from Aegis Labs, reviews the science which discounts "false positives" as well as affirmatively proved the positive was not the result of mixing allergy medicine with ADHD drugs, and also points out the number of inconsistencies in Mayfield's story.

What's more, I don't see anything that is stooping in the gutter when NASCAR goes and finds a witness who claims to have seen Mayfield use meth. Now, this particular witness may not be a particularly savory character, but there is also zero proof that NASCAR committed the felony of paying for her testimony. What's more, in subsequent court filings, NASCAR has submitted affidavits from at least five other people who also swear under penalty of perjury to have seen Mayfield use and/or purchase meth.

All of Mayfield's court cases have been thrown out of court, and his most recent filing was slammed by the court for containing clear falsehoods - including the lie that Brian France had him black-flagged in a race.

I am no fan of the NASCAR front office, but in this case they are simply correct. The science behind the Aegis Labs test has not been shown to be faulty in the least.

What's most sad is that on the same day Mayfield tested positive, one of his crew members also tested positive. Since then, that crew member has completed a rehab stint and has been reinstated to the sport. One can't help but think that if Mayfield simply admitted his transgressions and cleaned himself up, he'd not only be allowed back on the track, but he'd probably he hailed as an inspirational story of redemption. The fact that he clings to his phony stories is nothing short of pathetic.

Roland said...

Doubt they will go for the tough questions but this will be interesting none the less. I have no opinion on the Mayfield case. His stories lead to some doubt but nascar didnt hasnt handled the situation well either. This whole mess belongs in the enquier or TMZ.

racingfool said...

I t looks like the show Race Hub at 7 PM will not be streaming. Dang, I wish they would join in the new age and get this steaming going so we all can watch.
Will it re-run on a stream?

Anonymous said...

I have always believed Jeremy and hope one day he is cleared. I find it interesting that I received a tweet from DeLana Harvick saying that there was a switch to tonight's Race Hub show and her Thursday episode has been moved to tonight. Does this mean some conspiracy and Jeremy's interview got pulled??? We'll see in about an hour.

Anonymous said...

Mayfield is not going to win a battle of attrition with NASCAR. He really screwed up from the beginning. If he is truly innocent, he only has himself to blame for the way he handled this from the start. He burnt bridges all along the way. You can't cross back if you burn 'em!

racingfool said...

Is he on the show tonight? Anybody watching please let us po folks know that only have the internet and no cable.
Posts some notes and quotes will be cool too!

Roland said...

Are you kidding me? Thats it? What an epic waste of time. Steve didnt go too deep with the questions and Jeremy didnt give much answers. And then its suddenly over. Just like Jeremy just said if your going to do something do it right, this interview was not done right. Epic Fail on both parties.

Daly Planet Editor said...

So, it was brief and in the first interview segment of the show.

Byrnes kept it classy and it was clear that the footage was edited as we expected.

Mayfield said nothing but again expressed his anger with the situation and the ongoing legal action between himself and NASCAR.

Mayfield said at least another year before his appeal is heard. In the meantime, he is starting a metal recycling business and would entertain an IndyCar or even NHRA offer of a ride.

All in all, not a lot of meat in the sandwich.


Anonymous said...

What Indy or NHRA team would touch this guy with a 10-foot pole?

racingfool said...

That interview was pasteurized, homogenized and sliced and diced on the Edit room floor.
NASCAR made sure of that!
Why doesn't Jeremy get some smarts, go tinker with the scrap metals and move on?
Maybe he has nuts and bolts in his head instead of brains.
See you at the Drag races Jerry.
They'll let anyone in because in that sport all you have to do is hold onto the wheel and go!

Anonymous said...

So, Jeremy Mayfield appeared on SPEED to say that he couldn't talk about the case and was prohibited from discussing the details?

Oh, brother...

Anonymous said...

They should have asked Mayfield about his other lawsuits.

Like the unpaid back taxes he owes the IRS and is being sued over.

Like the unpaid back taxes he owes the North Carolina Dept. of Revenue and is being sued over.

Like the lawsuit he lost to Triad Racing Technologes for unpaid bills.

Like the lawsuit he lost to Arrington Manufacturing for unpaid bills.

Like the lawsuit he lost to Impact Racing for unpaid bills.

Like the pending lawsuit he has with attorney Bill Diehl over unpaid bills.

Let's face it - the guy is a total deadbeat.

Jonathan said...

Mayfield I have 2 words for you buddy................ GO AWAY!!!

You had your fun in the sun and then some GO AWAY!


AndyPandy said...

Anonymous at 7:38 - And why do you think that he can't pay his bills? (Hint - someone won't let him work in his chosen field)

red said...

soooo, since this is a media blog:
without taking sides on mayfield being innocent or guilty, nascar having set him up or not, i have to ask:

exactly why did jeremy mayfield go on tv tonight?

he knew he wasn't go to say anything new (even if race hub's producers didn't), nascar isn't going to respond, no news was broken -- nothing.

so, what was the motive? what was accomplished?

keeping his name/face in fans' minds? hoping to take a dig at nascar by saying "hey, i haven't gone away"?

my bottom line? i made up my mind about this whole hot mess a long time ago and almost nothing either party says or does is likely to change that at this late date.

and i miss our buddy, marc, at full throttle at times like this.

Chadderbox said...

For a guy out of racing for 21 months now he doesn't really have anything new to say on the situation. He basically is saying the same thing he was saying in 2009 - that there is so much more he would like to say but he can't. C'mon Man!
His most definite answer on anything was to say that he was starting a recycling business.
Do they drug test in the IRL or NHRA - he might want to check on that?

Anonymous said...

I can tell that by the biased slant that you have in your article that you stand 100% behind Nascars official statements.
It doesn't really take a genius to see that something is truly being hidden here and I don't mean by just Jeremy Mayfield.
But, as expected by your less than objective report, it is obvious with France's media group being solely controlled by him that he has alot of pull with the editor. I don't think that France is smart enough to come up with the controlled media group but his cash and army of advisors saw the need to implement this due to the resistance of Jeremy in this fight.
LOL, you guys make me laugh.
France has proven without a doubt that he will spend whatever is necessary to keep the France name clean as kleenex even if it means the destruction of the sport. That is the only sure truth!!!
I suggest in your next report that you write an article on the France that was breaking the law, doing drugs, and told the police that the Frances' owned the city and that he dared them to try and convict him. I am sure that you guys can make him out to be a Saint. King Brian will take care of you. LOL

Jeremy 19 said...

Why are so many of you so willing to drink the NASCAR/France kool-aid? No mention of Mayfield making the first two chases, and one of the cleanest drivers out there, although he did Earnhardt's own move on Earnhardt for a win.

I've been a Mayfield fan since 1997. Yes he's quirky, yes he says his mind, and yes, he doesn't cowtow to anyone, especially once he proved he could be a team's lead driver.

Rusty has admitted Jeremy got the short end of the stick with him, and Evernham did the same thing. Not only did he give his golden-boy Kahne all of Jeremy's cars, but his pit crew as well.

There were at least 3 teams in 2009 where the driver was also the owner: Smoke, Jeremy, and Robby Gordon. Somebody had to go. Smoke has too much money and grease, RG will never be a contender, so that left Mayfield.

There were over 2000 meth-lab busts here in TN in 2009. Ever take a look at some of these people? If you have, compare them to a picture of Mayfield. No way!

Adderall XR, used to treat Mayfield's ADHD, is, quite simply, an amphetamine. Claratin D contains pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in the production of meth. Incidentally, methamphetamine is an FDA approved treatment for ADHD marketed as Desoxyn. Am I the only one who can see where Aegis could easily have gotten a false positive-twice?

Quite simply, Jeremy got boned!

Anonymous said...

It looks like some of NASCAR's PR people have been posting here tonight.

Dannyboy said...

Heck, never mind Jeremy "I Can't Talk About the Case" Mayfield. How about Jimmy Spencer naming names & calling out people who didn't like stuff he said about them on The Hub last year?!!!

"If you couldn't handle Jeff Gordon do you really want to start with me?" asked of Jeff Burton :-0

Sally said...

The Mayfield 'interview' was basically all horn and no driveshaft. No surprise. I'm not sure what the intention was, but it certainly wasn't going to enlighten anyone with court proceedings ongoing. I guess it was a good attention getter.

Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere that they *asked* him to go on the show, not the other way 'round? Just wondering if someone can confirm. Let's not condemn a guy for appearing on the show if that is the case. As far as it being edited--it could be that Racehub had *their* legal people review it to make sure nothing said would affect the litigation one way or the other.

Jeremy 19--to some of us it might appear that you have drunk the 'Jeremy Koolaid.'. While I abhor the France family's actions, both about Brian's 'un' - DUI (when he got out of the car before the cops got there...) and JC's little joy ride (see AutoJournalist) I still cannot see why Jeremy didn't go public with a independent drug test to prove his innocence? I read some science back when this happened, and experts in the field seemed to dispute that these drugs he takes legally would cause such a result. And even if it could, they have the technology/science to figure out that that is what happened. I wanted to believe him; I really did; it would have been a little payback for what they did to Tim. But at some point--it just didn't make any sense. It's a shame, really, there are no winners here.

SoCal said...

Mayfield did not get the short end of the stick with Penske or Evernham, he opened his big fat mouth and got himself fired both times. Probably too much meth on the brain to keep the mouth shut.
The guy is done and needs to go away. Nascar is not covering anything up, they are not lying about the failed tests. There are so many different people and companies involved in that test, there's no way that could happen. Some of you act like France himself must take the specimen, and do the test in his closet, then report the results. Good Lord, get a brain will you!

FlyinBryan said...

Interesting I don't see anyone pointing the finger at Race Hub as their ratings ploy having Mayfield on the program.

I know it worked for me, sounds like it worked for many others too. I don't watch Race Hub because I read the internet and blog reports, I don't need Race Hub to regurgitate what I've already read that day.

But having Mayfield on was something intriguing, so I tuned in, as I am sure many others did. The segment itself was HEAVILY edited. I do video editing and production as a living.

For those who think Jeremy didn't have anything to say are wrong, he had plenty of opinions and those are all resting on the cutting room floor. There were a few blatant cuts where it literally went from Mayfield in mid-sentance back to Byrnes.

I don't have much of a stance on the innocent/guilty for this whole ordeal. Both sides have proven to have information and details that don't match up. Bottom line is this is a sponsorship-driven sport, and even allegations of drug use have murder any potential career Mayfield has.

AncientRacer said...

I did not expect any revelations on the Hub, but what really got me was how utterly unprepared Mayfield seemed right from the get-go. First q: How are you what you been up to? He blew that one.

It seems to me from my experience that if you are going to get one shot to make your case you should be able to do so. Not the specifice of the legal stuff, just "I'm a good guy and I have been wronged and I am being kept from my livelihood" kind of theme. Hammer it over and over and over and over.

His biggest lever, as has been noted here, is the fan base's distrust of the BZF regime. He simply did not use that to his advantage.

The Mad Man said...

The entire interview we saw lasted what? Maybe 5 minutes? The actual footage that was shot was 40 minutes long. So a lot of what was actually said wasn't shown for some reason.

GinaV24 said...

I watched and thought that it was pretty much just fluff although I wasn't really expecting a lot with things still under appeal.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments confirmed my opinion that watching Race Hub is a waste of time. Just fluff. MC

Vicky D said...

I feel Jeremy Mayfield has a strong case against Nascar. Yes, how can Nascar's person of trust threaten to kill the family in front of police. Duh! I think Jeremy did a pretty good job I know he wanted to say so many more things that he couldn't and he got tongue tied. And I heard what Ray E said about him when he drove for Ray and Ray was very complimentary and positive about Mayfield and not being involved in this meth issue. Sitting here in Houston with rolling blackouts what terrible weather!

Anonymous said...

Given the circumstances, I think Byrnes did OK. Mayfield seemed sober and subdued.

During the interview, it struck me that if there was a "Nascar" network (Speed or otherwise), we would never get to hear Mayfield's side of the story like that.

Likes fluff... said...

ya know...I think Racehub is *supposed* to be a features show, primarily--not a news show. So I am not quite getting all the criticism of 'fluff'. Personally, I like fluff! Yes, they do some news updates, but I think of it more as a place to 'follow up' on those stories. Go interview the people involved. Have some experts discuss the effects of whatever incident has happened. I don't consider that a 'waste of time' (well...with the exception of Spencer....) I read the news earlier; so I already know what's going on. But frankly, my choices at 7PM are usually not much. I enjoyed watching Danielle interview Delana. I don't mind drivers going on to unveil their paint schemes. If it's not your thing, then of course, it just isn't.

Tracy D said...

I thought Byrnes handled the interview well, especially since Mayfield seemed nervous to start. The Earnhardt story appeared to even Mayfield's keel. He looked good. It clearly came out that his life is in limbo, and the subtext was that money was tight.

While I would have liked more (and maybe there will be more from this interview later? Please, Speed?), just having Mayfield on the show told me Speed's not kissing Nascar's feet. Bravo for shaking the Nascar tree, Race Hub and Steve Brynes.

Wisconsin Steve said...

Jeremy Mayfield may have been suspended for substance abuse, but I would like to know what Jimmy Spencer is on. I watched Race Hub for the first time in months last night and was amazed by how weird he sounded. His voice was so erratic it was difficult to understand his points. I didn't care for him on Raceday, but this was a new low. He needs a "TV coach" BADLY.

Anonymous said...

The only question I have for Mayfield is: how come he doesn't sue Aegis Labs? NASCAR 100% farmed out their drug testing to this acclaimed lab, and really didn't do more than receive (and midhandle from a pr standpoint) the results. Whatever you think of NASCAR, none of it relates to AegisLabs. That's who he should be suing. NASCAR has no choice when Aegis says they found what they found but to suspend him. If Aegis is totally bogus and ruining him by insisting this test is the only possible result then he should sue them, not NASCAR.

And I'd kind of like to address the same question to NASCAR media. Why hasn't there been ONE SINGLE STORY where a NASCAR reporter goes to the lab that did the test and asks them not about Mayfield case (which they can't talk about too) but how they test, how they find what they find in others. How they use their science to come to their conclusions. This is not pee-on-a-stick and red it's drug-free, blue it's meth-head. This is seriously complicated science. But not one story from the NASCAR media. Sent Marty smith up there - we'd then have another side of the story.

Anonymous said...

Chadder--Yes they both do. Sebastian last season tweeted a cute picture of him & Charles(he's the official that Helio attempted to get in the face of at Edmonton) when they were taking their tests :)

Anonymous said...

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Buying things on-line or in-store? which do you like? really wondering lol.. i love in-store because i don't really like expecting it to arrive!

All the best
Mia said...

Mayfield did do a private company test and it came up clean. NASCAR and Jermey Both handled it wrong but NASCAR will always win because they have the money. Jeremy should have just done the drup rehab program and he would be racing today. But then that is easy to say I am sure i would have fought it too. NASCAR needs to have a none related independent company make the rulings and enforcments like other sports do. NASCAR rules different for different drivers depends on the name. NASCAR ratings are going down all the time. it is sad but that is what happens when NASCAR thinks it is above the rest of the people and can do what it wants to whom it wants.