Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday TV/Media Notes

Some television and media items for you:

SPEED passed along that Adam Alexander will be the host of the new SPEED Center program on weekends. This show replaces The Speed Report on Sundays, but is actually an expandable update show that can be used on racing weekends and for special events.

The potential for Alexander to increase SPEED's overall integration into updated news, highlights and interviews from all forms of motorsports is absolutely fantastic. Stepping up to the plate is the right thing at the right time for SPEED.

While Alexander will be keeping his role as the play-by-play announcer for the six TNT races, he will be leaving his longtime assignment as one of two pit reporters for the Camping World Truck Series. It will be Hermie Sadler replacing Alexander on pit road and also keeping his Sprint Cup Series role on the popular RaceDay program.

Krista Voda will be stepping aside from her frequent studio role now that The Speed Report is gone, but she will remain with the Camping World Truck Series as host and as a pit reporter for the NASCAR on FOX telecasts.

Sticking with SPEED, the network has revamped the SPEED Stage and also the sets used for Trackside and RaceDay. This time, the fans are going to be included and not spend the entire time staring at the backs of the on-air announcers. Great news for all concerned.

Word is that SPEED is talking with the NASCAR Hall of Fame about moving the NASCAR Performance production into that facility. Since the show is now produced in advance of the racing weekends, it might be a nice touch to have visitors and fans in the background and even participating. Larry McReynolds will be back with Chad Knaus and Bootie Barker on that series.

For those fans who have been asking, the trio of Rick Allen, Phil Parsons and Michael Waltrip will be returning to call the Camping World Truck Series races for SPEED this season. Ray Dunlap will be a pit reporter along with Sadler, while Voda hosts the pre-race show.

In case you missed the earlier announcement, SPEED and have teamed up to offer the online TruckBuddy application free for every truck race this season. Again this year, it will offer four different video sources along with customized scoring information and a location for live chat from all types of social media sources.

Also over at, a new fantasy league has been opened featuring the real time data and scoring that NASCAR provides from the tracks. NASCAR Fantasy Live is apparently a pretty big deal. Information on how to participate and the rules are available at the website.

Finally, last week ESPN extended the contract of lead studio analyst Rusty Wallace through the 2014 season. Wallace is the first ESPN announcer to have his contract extended to the end of the current NASCAR TV deal with the ESPN networks. While we also know that Ricky Craven will get the opportunity to call seven Nationwide Series races in the booth, there is no word on whether Randy LaJoie might get the call to rejoin the NASCAR Now panel.

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Anonymous said...

I love the changes being made at SPEED! Also read they have a new ticker coming as well. I also noticed they are slowing premiering their new logo. Saw new speed logo on their website today.

Anonymous said...

N Performance does NOT need an audience. The reason I liked it was that it was quick and to the point on car set ups.

I see no reason for FOUR guys. Chad & Bootie with Larry were enough.

SOunds like another case of fixing what isn't broken. They will dumb down the show or add audience participants. No thanks.

It was a rare QUIET, in studio show.

will not dvr that show. sigh

MRM4 said...

"Sticking with SPEED, the network has revamped the SPEED Stage and also the sets used for Trackside and RaceDay. This time, the fans are going to be included and not spend the entire time staring at the backs of the on-air announcers. Great news for all concerned."

Anytime I have gone to a race and walked by the Raceday set, I always thought it was stupid to stand around to watch a TV show being broadcasted and being behind the people doing the talking.

GinaV24 said...

Let's see, where do I start? Since I wasn't that impressed with Adam Alexander's PXP on TNT, having him as host for the new show doesn't make me particularly excited. sorry that Krista won't be there - I like the way she presents things, but I'm happy that she will still be on the Truck Series broadcasts. Can't say that I'm happy that Motormouth Waltrip will still be part of the booth. He's a major reason that I watch the trucks with the sound off. I'll use the racebuddy app for the trucks, too - THAT I'm excited about.

It's about time someone got a clue to have the people on stage at trackside and raceday face the audience. That has bugged me ever since they did it. For me, until Speed does something that makes me want to watch these shows again, turning the stage around won't be enough.

HOF trying to do whatever it can to get people to buy a ticket, huh. I liked Performance, I'm with the anon who said it didn't need an audience. Clearly done and I enjoyed it. IMO, this may wreck it for me.

Rusty renewed through 2014 -- ugh! That will be reason enough for me not to watch ESPN's pre-race drivel.

Vicky D said...

Good update, JD, although one Miss Sprint Cup is too many for me hopefully they'll forgo the tweeting on Tuesday segment! Hope Randy makes it back on the panel for NN too.

Roland said...

Good moves so far by SPEED. This can be a big year for the network on the nascar side of things. Looking forward to seeing that new stage in action in Bristol next month.

clay said...

I could do without Mikey on The truck races. They don't need selling, and he acts like every race he is about to wet his pants, he's so excited, how"this is the best racing in NASCAR today. And although some don't like, and I don't always agree with him, I could use more Jimmy Spencer

Wisconsin Steve said...


Any word on what the FOX graphics will look like? Will they have a full screen-width ticker like in the past or will it be smaller like what they've been using for the NFL coverage?

BToS JD said...

Wednesday's Race HUB Roundtable discussion is the only episode of this show that I've been able to watch all the way through and actually enjoy.

We actually got to hear folks talk about NASCAR racing environment without a lot of the normal HYPE and video blasting.

One Race HUB Roundtable each week would be a pleasant change for me.

The Mad Man said...

Is Speed actually talking to NASCAR about using the HOF or is it the other way around in an effort to try to sell more tickets to the latest White Elephant of Charlotte? With as much money as the HOF is losing, a paying client like Speed will slow down the red ink but won't stop it.

I have to agree with Gina and Clay regarding Motormouth Mikey. One second of him talking is one second too long. All we need in the announcing booth is Rick Allen and Phil Parsons. It worked perfectly well in the past, was less irritating, and actually made the Truck Series broadcasts more interesting. Bigger isn't always better.

And just what purpose does Miss Sprint actually serve other than filling space and wasting air time?

Anonymous said...

Jim Utter Posted Larry Mac is off Trackside, you heard anthing about that? Would love to have more quality discussion and less Cheerleading for NASCAR..

Anonymous said...

Can't be happy all the time but Speed sure tries to make a lot of us mute the sound and use MRN for audio a lot. Hyper, biased and it's all about me, me, me Mike W. just makes us do it more often.

I guess it must be great if you are a Waltrip and you know that no one will fire you for your opinions no matter what the fans feel or think...

Anonymous said...

I hope Hermie is good, but AA will be missed. He is a fantastic reporter. I don't see hosting or play-by-play as his strengths.

fbu1 said...

"...SPEED and have teamed up to offer the online TruckBuddy application free..."

Great news! Its about time that the truck series received some serious support.