Friday, July 29, 2011

Tracking The Pastrana Injury Saga

Thursday night at the X Games, Travis Pastrana fell while attempting a trick called a "720 rodeo" on a motorcycle. The worst part was as he fell, the bike fell on his right leg hard.

Pastrana got up, took one small step and then went immediately to his knees. It was his right lower leg that was injured. Originally, the on-site ESPN doctor suspected a fracture of both the tibia and fibula bones.

At 11:30PM Eastern, both ESPN and several other news sources were quoted as saying Pastrana has a right foot and ankle fracture. The ESPN Motorsports Twitter account said he would likely not race this weekend and he is definitely done for the remainder of the X Games.

As Friday unfolds, we will use this post to continue to track the Pastrana injury and the effect it has on the ESPN plans for a sophisticated effort at making Pastrana a centerpiece of the Nationwide Series coverage on Saturday.

Veteran reporter Jim Utter of the Charlotte Observer indicated that he did not see the Pastrana-Waltrip Racing entry being driven by someone other than Travis due to sponsorship issues. He suggested it would be withdrawn.

Reporte Dustin Long from Landmark Newspapers says he asked co-owner Michael Waltrip what would happen if Pastrana was injured and Waltrip said he was packing his driving suit as a back-up. Now that could be interesting. We will certainly see as the weekend unfolds.

If you have information on this topic, just click the comments button below to add it. We are keeping our frame of reference on this topic limited to the media and TV aspects of this injury and how it is going to affect the race coverage. Thanks!


Ian Schrader said...

Wondering how Mike with his Coca-Cola ties would work with a car That likely has Red-Bull ties? Other than that, Why shouldn't Mike drive the car? He is a part owner and stands to gain from the exposure.

glenc1 said...

well that will certain put a crimp in ESPN's marketing spots (I saw one the other day 'tracking' his weekend as he flies from place to place.) Sorry to hear that for Travis; I was looking forward to it. It's a shame that they can't see their way to put someone else in the car. Does the crew get paid anyways, I wonder?

TexasRaceLady said...

I just howled when I heard the news. Don't you know the script writers for ESPN had a collective melt-down.


But aside from glee at ESPN's discomfiture, I wish Travis all the best.

Newracefan said...

I had a Tib Fib fracture otherwise known as a broken ankle so I'm betting he has some plates and screws in there to add to his collection. Ingnoring the pain part which is significant he probably is also not allowed to put weight on it for multiple weeks. It's interesting that after all that hype what we have now is a huge vacumn sucking the air right out of ESPNs plans. 2 Thoughts Hey Miky put Ryan Truex in the car and hopefully since they had a little notice ESPN can find a different "story" for the weekend but I willl take the OVER on how many time they talk about him not being there and show the jump. Kind of puts that Kasey Kane extra curricular activity spin in an entirely new light.

GinaV24 said...

Wow, well I certainly never like to hear about anyone being injured, so I'm sorry to hear it. Just the description sounds painful.

Losing him as their focus is going to pose a problem for ESPN, but that's the problem with them putting their eggs in one basket so to speak instead of making the race the focus.

I'm sure that Mikey will find a way to make this all work. He usually does.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Now confirmed: Pastrana not going to Indy, car withdrawn. Right ankle and foot broken in X Games motorcycle accident.

RWar24 said...

There comes a point to where you need to decide if you're going to be an X-gamer, or a Nascar driver. Or was Nascar just going to be a publicity stunt?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I guess Ryan Truex is done with MWR ?

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see anything with Pastrana I get hungry for a hot pastrami on rye w/mustard. Just sayin'

Anonymous said... all fairness, the guy's only been at it less than a year. I don't think that it's time to 'choose', although his own age & common sense may choose it for him. I don't think it's a publicity stunt, he was already driving rally cars so it wouldn't seem a big leap (no pun intended). But most extreme sports people realize eventually, the body only holds out for so long--particularly guys on bikes. Like Ricky Carmichael.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR is all over ESPN radio is this morning. I'm sure Mike and Mike have to read from a script to get through the interviews.

longtimeracefan said...

Decision not to run the car without Pastrana was made by his sponsor Boost Mobile. They are taking their money and going home until Travis is ready to race.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Pastrana. I have to question his participation in Moto X Best Trick though, especially with such a dangerous trick.

I have no problem with him doing Moto X Freestyle and RallyCross but Best Trick wasn't a very smart decision. It would have been great to see him land that trick but it wasn't worth the risk.

GinaV24 said...

wow, Marty Reid and company will have to talk about something else on the fly.

Buschseries61 said...

There goes the whole pre-race script.

Hopefully Pastrana heals soon. It's a shame his sponsor didn't want anyone else in the car, down to 42 entries.

Vicky D said...

ESPN script for the NW race has to be re-written and fast! I think this is really funny, but hope Pastrana will take care of his injury and gets better fast.

Darcie said...

OMG !!!!!!!!! What s ESPN going to do?????? They've had their script written for this race for probably more than a month, and now it's bupkis???? Let the hand wringing begin. They don't have a script to follow, so maybe they'll just have to show the race without silly embellishments. Oh, sorry, I forgot. They need a script,so they'll probably just insert Kyle Busch's name where it once was Travis.

Anonymous said...

Have seen Pastrana on ARCA or some other series a couple of times but as yet we know very little about him. Don't like to see anyone get hurt though.

allisong said...

Is anyone else besides me a little uncomfortable to learn today that ESPN was paying Patrana's travel costs and "coordinated" this whole thing with "Pastrana-Waltrip Racing"? This is according to an article by Bob Pockrass.

Kenn Fong said...

J. D.,

I have long believed that skateboards and motocross were invented by orthopedic surgeons looking for business.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Palmetto said...

I don't know why so many of you think ESPN will change their scripts. They've never paid attention to what was happening on the track; why should off-track be any different?

Allison J said...

This gent is proof of NASCAR's desperation for something to kick up their ratings. Maybe they should just give in and make NASCAR part of the X-Games, and those of us who love racing for the dedicated, brilliant men who drive can just shut off the live TV and watch films of the old races.

Maybe I'm expecting too much. Cale, Pearson, Dale Sr and Jr, Bennie Parsons, Donnie Allison, Neil Bonnet, JJ, Jeff Gordon, and the rest ... they just aren't going to make them like that anymore. They are what got me to watch NASCAR as a young girl, not some fool jumping over cars, or driving through hoops of flame.


In a bunker somewhere in Carolina said...

Yawl know I can not stand the
announcers doing the Truck Series.
But tonite ( friday ) they hit a
new low.
They didnt stop talking for more
than 3 seconds....not once. And of
course they mention the names of
the drivers over and over andover
Simply theeeeeee most sickening
show of recent times. Who knows ..
maybe the geniuses over at nascar
think it is good.
The folks in the booth should
apologize and resign quietly.