Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nationwide Live Stream on Twitter

The Nationwide Series travels to the Auto Club Speedway in California today for an afternoon race. Coverage begins on ESPN at 5PM with NASCAR Countdown.

We will have a live stream on Twitter. Type #TDP1 into the search box to see our stream and add #TDP1 to your comments to be included.

Hope to see you there!


Buschseries61 said...

Excellent job by ESPN today, best ESPN broadcast of the season so far. It's amazing how much better a race can be when the cameras zoom out and the director looks for the battles. Allen Bestwick did a great job maintaining excitement and focus when the race dragged along in the first 75 laps.

The nice part about long green flag runs is the infield studio is rarely used. Allen, Andy, and Dale did really well working together today. Despite half the pit-team away on vacation, there were no issues on pit road. Kudos to ESPN for staying 6 minutes over their broadcast window to do a fair post race for the fans.

Bobby O said...

Well where is the DP hype?

Tried to look at your Twitter link but not seeing a "view all".
It must be me, I'm sure!

Has anyone finally noticed she is a driver and not a racer?

I know this site is not about this kind of subject, but I gave you heck about using her pic, so...