Friday, March 23, 2012

Talking NASCAR TV/Media On SIRIUSXM Press Pass

With all the digital issues and TV topics going on this week, it was nice of the folks at SIRIUSXM to ask me to be on the weekly Press Pass show this Saturday at 12:30PM ET.

Jim Noble is the host and Lee Spencer from FOX Sports will also be featured on the program that begins at 11AM ET.

If you have SIRIUSXM, I invite you to listen. For the past several years, we have been advocates of getting the NASCAR radio signals of all kinds available online. Over the past couple of weeks, both MRN and PRN have done just that for free.

Now, SiriusXM has made the NASCAR channel available, but not without some hoops through which listeners must jump. That will certainly be part of the discussion.

We welcome your comments before, during and after the program. I will follow-up in the comments section with a recap of what we discussed for those (like me) without SIRIUSXM service. Thanks as always.


Anonymous said...

John, Being able to now stream Nascar Sirius via Internet is the best thing since double-fire restarts. Maybe even beyond that. At least, for me. I have longed listened to the MRN/PRN race call with the TV muted but have been at the mercy of the local affiliate which pre-empts the race. It also allows me to listen to Moody at work. And, that ties in with your early post on Trackside: I now have an alternative to the lame TV shows that have little relevant info. Thanks for being one of the few "media" types to push for this move.

Nascarfan3267 said...

I couldn't be happier about SiriusXM now streaming NASCAR. Glad they listened. Glad they also got you back on the air. Two good decisions.

OSBORNK said...

I would like for you to ask them a question for me. Most people are in their car for a short time each day. I am in my car for maybe 30 minutes to 45 minutes per day on average. It is not worth the subscription for such little useage. I have a current subscription because I have anew car but I may not renew when it comes due again (and I didn't on my last car). If the subscription included on-line access so I could use it at home, I would be much more likely to renew. Ask they if they think including on-line access might increase their renewal rate enough to offset the surcharge they are currently charging. It would make a difference to me.

By the way, I will not hear you today because I don't need to go anywhere but I will be on my competer.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks to Jim Noble, Lee Spencer and the SIRIUS XM gang for some time on Press Pass today.

DaveM4210 said...

Great job JD getting the points across about the agendas of the TV networks and Trackside! It would be nice if SiriusXM would have you each week with Dave Moody, maybe during afternoon drive time, to review the past weekend's race coverage!

OSBORNK said...

I heard part of the show (didn't have to go far enough to hear it all) and I thought you did a good job explaining the agenda the networks have. Good job.