Friday, April 13, 2012

Nationwide Series From Texas On ESPN2

Paul Menard will lead them off tonight for the Nationwide Series race from the Texas Motor Speedway. The telecast starts at 8PM on ESPN2 with NASCAR Countdown. Marty Smith will appear on the pre-show as Rusty Wallace has the weekend off.

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Twitter takes only a couple of minutes to understand and use. You can type #TDP1 into the search box to see our live stream tonight. Please feel free to ask me for any help you might need. Hope to see you there.


Charlie Spencer said...

JD, are you going to the Rock Sunday? Their web site says the front stretch is sold out!

RPM said...

Wow, lots of empty seats. Aireal shot showed a whole bunch of green in the parking lots, too.

Luckily, weather will not be a factor except for wind.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR can easily slice 50% of the nationwide schedule and nobody would notice a difference.

Buschseries61 said...

Horrible coverage so far. Cherry-picking individual drivers to zoom in on and discuss. Barely any wide perspective of the race. All I know is Stenhouse moved up, Menard moved back, Whitt moved back and Danica has gone nowhere. I think the #19 was slow on the backstretch, but the car was not important enough for ESPN to cover.

I do like that camera positioned in the stands in turn 4.

Daly Planet Editor said...

No Rock for me Charlie, I was up in Charlotte last weekend. Nine hour drive from South Florida.

RPM, very empty. Surprised.

Busch, the coverage is awful and has been from the drop of the green. They just don't care about the racing and show either the leader or a car they choose to discuss. Just stinko!


Charlie Spencer said...

I'll wave to y'all. I'll be the guy in a T-shirt and cap, holding a beer. :-)

Anonymous said...

If they can't manage to light this track NASCAR does not need to come back. This is pathetic. TMS is yet another poorly run track like Bristol has become.

Buschseries61 said...

ESPN, if you really don't want the Nationwide series, give it to someone else. I'll just repeat: "Horrible coverage so far. Cherry-picking individual drivers to zoom in on and discuss. Barely any wide perspective of the race."

I'm shocked ESPN actually covered a great run by David Ragan tonight. His team is a nobody in the series, and those teams are the ESPN untouchables. ESPN typically covers 15-18 drivers in the race, and the rest are only relevant if they crash or stalk the #7 car all race. I think Joe Nemechek got more coverage failing to qualify for the Cup race than he did finishing 17th in the Nationwide race.

Dale and Andy sounded like they wanted to be where-ever Dr. Punch was this weekend. I think Dale Jarrett would jump at the opportunity to be an ESPN golf commentator and return to the NASCAR gig in July. The stick & ball comparisons and conversation was the most I've ever seen with this booth convo. It's sad a baseball conversation is needed to lighten the mood covering a NASCAR race.

The ESPN philosophy on how to cover a NASCAR race was back this weekend. It needs to go back in it's cage and stay locked up for good.