Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sprint CUP Series From Texas On FOX

Martin Truex Jr. will lead the field as the Sprint Cup Series drivers tackle the Texas Motor Speedway under the lights on FOX. The story of the race is the Texas wind and perhaps the weather down the stretch.

The Nationwide Series race featured few accidents, lots of single car racing and TV coverage that focused on two or three cars at a time. Expect FOX to follow the same pattern of "hyper-tight" coverage that neglects the big picture and instead focuses on the drivers that the network chooses to feature.

We are on Twitter with the NASCAR TV live stream starting at 7PM ET. The TDP account is and you can type #TDP1 into the search box to see our live stream.

Thanks as always for participating, we will have a post here immediately after the race for your TV comments on the coverage. Hope to see you on Twitter!


Norm said...

Being in Canada I haven't been able to follow the common wisdom of listening to the race on PRN. Now that the feed is streamed, I can now listen. What a world of difference from the idiots on Fox. Waltrip free at last. Maybe watching the race on TV will become enjoyable again.

Buschseries61 said...

I have the race on the tv while I'm on the computer on the opposite side of the room.

The broadcast is unwatchable. It's like a heavily edited tv show, nothing flows. 5 laps of racing, commercial. AT&T RaceBreak, 2 laps of racing, pit report, 1 lap of racing, random Jeff Hammond segment, commercial.

Sam said...

I haven't commented in a while, but my gosh Fox is just unwatchable. The Dueling Waltrips are just too much. If Nascar and Fox are wondering why their ratings are down it's very simple. The broadcast is amateurish and Darrell Waltrip is simply babbling the entire race. No decent camera work, no commentary that provides anything other than nap fodder.

Robert Scott said...

Each race is duller than the last one...The broadcast is fine...This sport has lost its lustre...Why was Texas chosen for prime time?...The local traffic channel is more exciting to watch...How many people have given up on this snoozefest?...I have.

Rambo M. said...

Not bad enough that Darrel has the memory and attention span of a fruit fly, but his latest nugget of divine wisdom? This race, with 45 laps left in it, is just a "test session" now. Because the result is like, always a foregone conclusion by then rite?

They don't care. It is not more complicated than that. We all need to stop watching this rubbish coverage and send a message. It is way beyond time to do so.

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up for your comments on the NASCAR on FOX coverage from TMS.


Anonymous said...

West Coast Diane said:

After watching the previous 5 races on our small non HD motorhome TV was looking forward to our big screen TV.

Fired up DVR. One minute into pre-race fast forwarded to race. I do not dislike the Waltrips. Enjoyed their books. They must make them take caffeine pills. Just too much. Saw an interview with Michael on Speedcenter as the owner. Where is that person on the race broadcast? DW is same. I've seen him on Wind Tunnel. Where is that DW?

The race. Watched 40 laps and just couldn't take it. So I gave up watching one picture on my big screen for 2. Switched to HotPass. Just so much more entertaining even though the focus is on one driver.

I see tweets to DW from fans (I guess) saying how much they enjoyed the race broadcast with him and Michael. Maybe we are in the minority.

Not watching RaceDay, Victory Lane, Trackside either. Just can't take the yelling & juvenile stuff.

Oh well. The TV life of someone not in the "golden" demographic!

Ps...I tried to watch the Daytona 500 when we got back, since we had never watched it on a big screen HD TV. (Directv has an app where you can program your DVR from your iPhone). What a difference being at the race, listening on scanner. I couldn't believe that even with the packs, the cameras were using the jumping bean technique. Watched a few minutes, checked out the jet dryer incident and hit delete.