Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post-Race TV Comments: FOX In Martinsville

Martinsville is always a tough track to cover on TV, but without a RaceBuddy online app and without side by side commercials it's almost impossible these days.

No need to put words in your mouth. If you would like to offer a comment on the TV coverage, happy to have it here.


Roland said...

I listened to MRN for most of the day until they decided to take a commercial with 19 laps to go and by 8 to go they still hadnt come back so I turned on FOX audio. Looking back that was a dumb decision on my part. I would have rather listened to the commercials than Mikey and DW's excellent "analysis".

Mikey's conflict of interest showed its ugly face there at the end. He sung the praises of Bowyer then pulled a Rusty and remained silent after the crash. Everything about this is wrong. You can not take analysis from an owner of one of the cars in question seriously. This is complete BS and Im pretty tired of seeing this goofball on my TV each week.

Now to the other Waltrip, I have had all I can stand of DW. The comment he made coming to the checkers about how Ryan was his pick the whole time was unreal. Dude for cryin out loud just shut up and let Mike Joy call the dang finish. DW has to add his 2 cents to every freakin thing that happens out there, and more often than not his comments are later contradicted.

I listened to maybe 20 laps of the FOX coverage total. All this rage from 20 laps worth. This is absolutely ridiculous. I look forward to PRN in a couple weeks. MRN wasnt very good today either, they made a lot of mistakes throughout the day.

This is just so frustrating that we have to be force fed opinions from 1 goofy windbag with a mega conflict of interest and another goofy windbag who thinks the entire sport revolves around him and his opinion.

w17scott said...

Mr Editor-
Traded FOX for HotPass/Twitter/MRNstreaminglive less than 20 laps in ...'Hypertight' shots and Waltrip overload did me in ...last few laps brought back 'old-style' memories of Martinsville ...what a waste of broadcast time when SPEED gets it so right and FOX gets it so wrong on back-to-back days at the same track ...seems like 'personality-driven' perspective rules in truck as in the booth at FOX ...shame, shame, shame

E-Ticket said...

I agree with Roland completely, this is getting worse and worse. DW and Mikey think the Race is all about them and not the racing. DW, body language and moves is just a mess. Did you see how they cut away from Hammond with boyer and left him hanging. I will sure let NASCAR know about my feelings on my Fan Council Survey. I can't take much more..

DewCrew88 said...

There was a race on TV today? I had a hard time seeing it watching commercials and or the hood of whatever car was the flavor of the current lap.

Thank god for raceview. Its incredible that in 2012, the only way to watch a real live event is through a cartoon representation of it.

Lou said...

i will keep it short. having been to martinsville several times, i did enjoy the race. last week i did not have much to say on the nascar fan council survey. but rest assured i will let them know for the second time this season that i have had my fill of DW and MW. on the plus side i did enjoy watching the cars cross the finish line in the end.

non tv related. i do not blame the 10 car for what happened at the end, i blame the top35 rule, no further explaination needed on that

starrcade76 said...

I thought Fox did a good job with the post race coverage. Getting interviews with all of the important parties before signing off. Especially getting Reutimann on camera to give his side of things.

Joj said...

Fox was an unmitigated hot mess. From the dueling gassing from brothers Waltrip, to the missed lead changes, the 3 minute time lag between MRN covering Kurt Bush car problems to the time Fox showed it in replay,under green - the 2 laps under green of foot cam in car cam ( more than once) Kyle Bush wreck that happened in commercial & barely covered - in replay as usual & the ultimate insult of multi lap of Hollywood Jeff inside the in car camera truck to show us how the most awful shots are put on screen of course it was green flag racing.

The Waltrip brothers conflicts of interest ( Mikey has race team DW has his ego & memories) have been well covered so I'll let that stand.Some one alert those 2 that the world does not revolve around them.

The fact that as a viewer I could not tell the race was at Martinsville ( tight shots in car cams) the commercials were heavy & we got to see the race in replay.

I was grateful for MRN & was really upset when they lost their
collective minds and went for the long commercial break with less than 20 to go.

So there were empty seats - just like Bristol. Maybe - just maybe NASCAR needs to think about the IROC rules and cars. Seems headed in same direction.

At least next Sunday I won't have to deal with those 2 or hyper tight tv. Maybe I'll watch Texas in 2 weeks, maybe not.
In 40+ years of watching races in person & on TV I never thought it would get this bad.


AncientRacer said...

The entirety of the TV coverage today at Martinsville came down to the 90 seconds or so of Jeff Hammond in the Truck.

Ya'll want to see what is wrong with NASCAR Race coverage watch that piece again and again until you get it. It is ALL right there.

'Nuff Sed

Anonymous said...

I said I was not going to watch anything with a Wal in it, but I had to turn on the race. This is what I got: DW telling the viewers to watch and he would "explain" how Junior pulls up on Biffle(?) going into the corner, then Biffle pulling away coming out of the corner and Junior not being able to pass. While DW was doing his explaining, TV was showing Junior pulling up and passing. DW said Biffle must have heard Junior's bumper horn a few laps earlier. How many times does this have to happen before somebody tells DW he needs to stop. He is an embarrassment to himself. This is sad. I am sorry to have to say this. MC

Anonymous said...

We had to listen on MRN today because the parent company of our local Fox station is in another one of those messes with DirecTV. I didn't really miss TV until the end, when Jeff and Jimmie got to racing hard...and then everything else at the end. I was surprised at the late race long commercial breaks but overall it was a pleasant way to follow the race.

Vince said...

I watched the whole race with the sound muted and listened to the MRN feed. Like I've been doing all season. I refuse to listen to any of the Waltrip's ego/self promotion. Neither of them should be on the broadcasts. They are both a couple of egomaniacs.

I was disappointed with MRN going to a commercial break with under 20 laps to go. That was uncalled for and just plain stupid.

Sally said...

Lots of commercials, bumper cam shots, and way too much babble from the bros. Waltrip. If it weren't for replays, we would not have seen many of the passes for the lead...or anything else. Less time is spent commenting on the actual race than listening to DW and Mikey tell stories and read driver's minds to let us 'know' what they are thinking. It gets worse every week. I assume the racing was pretty good, but I'd never know it from the broadcast.

OSBORNK said...

How do you keep a straight face when the Booth Bubbas say "The fans really got their money's worth" at the end of the race? The interesting part of the race was after the advertised length of the race was over.

The tight shots, missed incidents and the Booth Bubbas talking about everything except what was happening on the track could drive someone to drink. The Waltrips don't care about the racing. They only want a platform where they can talk about other stuff and misinform the audience.

Will NASCAR ever acknowledge that the Chase and the Top 35 is a big reason the drivers no longer race to win but to make the Chase or stay in the top 35? The "We had a good points day" explanation should be grounds for firing. You won or you lost and if you aren't mad because you lost, you need another profession.

KoHoSo said...

This Martinsville telecast perfectly encapsulated everything that has been wrong with Fox since they started going off the rails a few years ago. What a stark contrast compared to today's NBCSN coverage of the IndyCar race. I defy anybody that didn't use extra sources to tell me what actually happened at Martinsville today other than what sponsor was on a car's hood.

And DW...wow...at least my home state of Kentucky now has something to be even more embarrassed about than last night's couch burnings.

I have already said I am only "running a partial schedule" this year because of how bad Fox and ESPN cover NASCAR. Looking over the remainder of the schedule and knowing that neither of them care to properly cover any of my favorite tracks, I'm just about to say I'm pulling out for the rest of the year and, maybe, "retiring" after 40+ years as a NASCAR fan.

I just see no reason to "demote" myself to radio when it would not take much to give a proper race telecast. After all, if the woeful NBCSN can do it, Fox ought to as well.

Anonymous said...

Great race and great coverage by Fox. I don't know what people expect. I think mostly they just don't like DW and don't like that they don't give huge coverage to the car running 30th.

saltsburgtrojanfan said...

I've given up along time ago

I've given up since the disaster at daytona

I lost all interest in NASCAR, Oh so sick of the continued mismanagement done by BZF and his sychophants.

Many longtime fans are feeling the same way.

The empty seats indicate we are FED UP

And the poor telecasts and COT continues to drive fans away

Until things improve. I and the rest of my fellow longtime NASCAR fans.

Unlike tptb, I care about the longtime NASCAR fans.

They deserve better

All NASCAR fans deserve better

The newer fans dont know what it is like when NASCAR had a huge following in the 1980's and 1990's

Fox is getting what it deserves, PUTRID RATINGS.

NASCAR is getting what it deserves, fans being driven away.

DW is making a fool of himself more and more each passing moment. Mike Joy is better off without DW.

Mikey is not making broadcasts better either.

So i just decided, screw it. NASCAR is not worth my time.

Sorry for the long post JD, just wanted to vent a little. I'll bet some posters were wondering where i was? Well i never left.



E-Ticket said...

Oh wait I forgot one other thing, I came to watch a race, I could care less about Boyer, KU, UK and DW/Mikey what is all that BS.. It is not all about who is running 30th the coverage is lost, it is like they are stopping by their old buddies house, checking out what he is doing at the big party and not worrying about the rest of the race.. FOX should be embarrassed. I feel sorry for all the hardworking pit reporters who are no relegated to clown patrol on other shows...

Dennis said...

There were a few good moments with the aerial and top of the stands cameras..... about two. The rest of the time was tight shots, car cams, apron cam, finish line blur cam. Like someone mentioned, you could hardly tell which track was hosting the race. I don't mind if they tell stories or update us on drivers. Just show me where the racing is while you babble on. If they panned back where the camera would show 1/4 of the track at a time and follow the cars around, I'd be a happy camper. As it is, I'm ready to find something else to do. If it wasn't for twitter and Fox track (whatever their leaderboard is called) I wouldn't really know what was going on. Pathetic coverage.

Jonathan said...


Well ok heres the deal I cant comment on the Fox side of things cause I was for the ride to a party, got there with 50 laps to go and from what I saw they did a good job with the picture side of things, it was hard to hear the tv though with all the people.... BUT I will say this I listened to the radio coverage most of the ride there and they sure now how to call a race. Why oh why cant I take over the Fox coverage cause I know i'd make it better than it is now. I was very busy today and only caught the first 5 laps on tv as I had to go get beer and a card for the b-day party. but my dad watched the first 100 or so laps on tv... Then it was time to go the party and we put the race on the radio on the ride there. Now my dad isnt a big Nascar fan but trys to follow cause Its my life.... anyways he says to me wow the radio guys sure know how to call the race. If I ever had control of Nascar tv broadcasting.... the first thing i'd do is make DW, Larry Mac, and Mike Joy sit and watch a few past races that are synced to the radio broadcast and say this is how it needs to be done or your out!!!! I was in the back seat of a car and they painted a better picture in my mind than if I was watching the race on tv and thats sad SAD!!! ok IM DONE

great job JR keep it up

Greta said...

Mikey needs to recuse himself from commenting when any of his cars are involved. Now. They made Rusty do it with Steven in the NW Series. It's a conflict of interest for any of the announcers to have a financial stake in what goes on, and many of them do. Do they think we don't know that?

sbaker17 said...

Here’s what I came away with….
It was a Waltrip love fest with lots of I’s and me’s between the two.
MW is overly enthusiastic to the point of being comical, and DW is way past his expiration date.
What happened to the color commentary when Bowyer drove it straight in to Turn 1? Did Mikey swallow his microphone? Where was DW? Had it been a driver he didn’t care for, he’d still be yakking about it.
The picture content resembled more of an infomercial for the drivers that were selected to be on camera. Zoom in on a car and say nice things about the sponsor, driver, the crew chief and the various pets, family friends, etc that each of the team members have. Then zoom out for a quick glimpse of something and zoom into the next rolling commercial. And in between the useless images the viewer is subjected to the constant inane Walbabble.
All I want to do is put the TV on and enjoy an auto race that informs me what is happening on the track.
FOX can’t seem to do that. I feel real bad for Mike Joy.
I’ll be back for the TNT coverage

PhoenixHotZonie said...

Good broadcast today.

Exciting paperclip action.

Didn't listen to MRN at all today.

Best NASCAR race this year.

Yeah Hammond, Roger Rabbit graphics is silly nonsense.

On to Texas.

Dot said...

I agree with most here about the TV coverage, so I won' be redundant.

My biggest gripe is about Jeff Hammond's imitation of Tim Brewer DURING GREEN FLAG RACING. We've been crabbing for years about TB, and now we get JH in that role. Did you guys know that all this can be learned by reading the racing websites? That's how I learned about loose, tight, hot brakes melting tire beads, etc. I'll add that having a knowledgeable roommate helps too.

There is one thing I want to say about DW. He is a totally different man when not in the booth. You get a glimpse of this when you see him interviewed away from "work".

Lou said "non tv related. i do not blame the 10 car for what happened at the end, i blame the top35 rule, no further explaination needed on that." If Reut wasn't keeping the seat warm for the princess, this wouldn't even be an issue.

JD, may I ask an OT question? I missed the IRL race today. Is it on NBCSN? And, if that is NBC related station, how come last week's race was on ABC? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I must have been bored yesterday because I actually listened to a good part of the TV broadcast and a little bit of Victory Lane. Same old insulting broadcasts. Every few minutes Mike Joy or DW would say something completely stupid and I'd surf other channels. If a driver appeared to be a threat to win, DW would proclaim that he had picked him to win. The crowd appeared better than prior races this season. The pit reporters are absolutely non-existent other then to listen to the team radios to report on what changes will be made to the car during the pit stops. I never did hear a definitive statement as to why the #18 car suddenly veered up the track. Mikey was just a complete dufus throughout the race and should get fired for his shameless defense of Bowyer and Reutimann. Bowyer said he got tapped by Newman. He did, but it wasn't that big a push. Bowyer just dove in too hard and lost it. Lots of drivers would have tried what Bowyer did. Clint just failed at his inpersonation of Kyle Busch. Everyone knows the importance of being in the Top 35, but there's no question that there's a lot of pressure on the #10 car to stay in the Top 35. God forbid if the $12 million Go Daddy driver actually had to drive well enough to even qualify to start the race at Darlington. I was quite pleased with the race until Bowyer and Reutimann just screwed the whole thing up.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait til FOX switches SPEED to the all-sports FOX Sports Channel and throws all the car stuff into the trash (also known as FUEL channel)

Then we will get overloaded with EVERY ego centric, blathering FOX SPORTS host and expert

Heck, even David Hill could have his own show....call it WIND BAG

Anonymous said...

Really, people... "If Reut wasn't keeping the seat warm for the princess, this wouldn't even be an issue"...uh, yes it would. Robby Gordon & a number of others have done some crazy things to try and stay in the top 35 over the years. It would be important to *any* team...making a race is critical to these guys keeping their doors open at all, particularly those without sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Nascar will realize that attendance at races and the quality of the broadcast on television are related.

Three and a half hours of a television show that could easily be called "Hanging with the Waltrips" isn't making any new fans.

When I was a kid, the occasional race that was broadcast would be called by Dick Bergeren and Jackie Stewart. Yes, a lot of country people watch Nascar, but that doesn't mean that they want the broadcast to be a cartoon of what it is to be country. Really, it's kind of insulting that they think all of the fans are rednecks, and can only be related to by bigger rednecks in the broadcast booth.

I can only guess that the photography issues are being dictated by Nascar to prevent any negative impressions a casual fan might get from seeing empty seats. The longer this goes on, the more empty seats there are.

Kathy16 said...

I have to say, Chris Myers was out of line for trying to press Mikey on Reutimann, not once but twice. And while I'm not a fan of Mikey's, good for him for staying fairly neutral on that one (the 15 is another story). As it turned out, Mikey was right, there was something else going on. At least he was willing to wait for an explanation, and I appreciate Fox giving Reutimann the opportunity. The rule is the problem, not the teams, but I don't see it going away in a time when sponsorship is so hard to come by.

FOX's camera work gives no perspective on the race. Amongst the worst is when someone is trying to pass for position and they're showing some weird angle from the car. Inexcusable, just a mess. And Sbaker17 is right, DW is past his expiration date. 12 years ago he was okay, not overwhelmingly good, but okay. Now he's embarrassing. There's got to be someone better who deserves a chance.

And Hammond is being wasted. He's good on TV, and suddenly they have no clue what to do with him. That's just wrong. At least let him go be a pit reporter.

Bobby O said...

Watched the first 100 laps on mute!
Don't even give the audio a chance anymore.
Then went out and enjoyed the nice weather and did some yard work.
It was an awesome day, except for wasting the time to watch 100 laps.
Very, very sad!

Brad B said...

Let me put it this way...... I've never been a fan of either waltrip and after yesterday i'm glad I don't get to watch races much. I listen to siriusxm 99% of the time...thank God. I'm sick of Mr boogity and his little brother side kick. NO MORE CURRENT OWNERS IN THE BOOTH, you both suck. Bring on ESPN

subsailor_739 said...

I watched the entire race on TV no radio, just the booth bubbas. I remember seeing one wide shot, followed the cars out of turn two then zoomed to about 2 1/2 cars in the whole screen. So much is lost in the tight shots it's maddening. Another shot I remember was towards the end they went to a split screen of 24/48 and Rick Hendrick, STOP SHOWING ME someone on the pitbox making my 42" screen two 21" screens!!!! 24/48 were having a great battle and you shrink the screens??? STOP! Good thing they didn't stay on RH long.
My last point is a car owner in the booth, hollywood hotel, conflict of interest, I don't want to hear from the #15 as in race reporter or have MW sugar coat his opinion of a driver or former driver of his.
Love the Daly Planet, keep up the twitter feeds, great work!

sue said...

Had to work but was able to watch with only 70 laps left. When my 60 inch powered on the only thing on the tv was the 48 car. WTH? This is short track racing not a 1 1/2 mile track. You shouldn't see single car shots?!

I am so glad that Fox listened to the fans and have side by side coverage at the end. We don't miss any action. Thanks

OrangeTom said...

If I had to hear one more time that DW had won at Martinsville 11 times, I was going to scream. Instead, I switched to MRN and worked on pesky sink clog in the bathroom. That's what Fox has driven me to.

Anonymous said...

I had a great time AT the race watching from Turn 2 with my son. It was a fun day, balancing between MRN and the scanner.

You could really watch 88 reeling in the field. Every pass was a huge cheer from a very pro-88 crowd. Even watching Gordon reel in JJ was a blast to watch.

I was surprised Sadler made the whole race. I was listening to his scanner towards th end "...I've never driven fuel injection....it seems like an electrical problem..." I bet that didn't make the TV.

Neither did Jr's filthy mouth when they couldn't figure out for several laps what the running order was supposed to be.

MRM4 said...

Again, having an active car owner as an analyst is a big mistake. Mikey would not comment on his driver's move. I'm sorry, that's the biggest moment of the race. Comments have to be made on what happened. Even DW seemed a little hesitant on saying too much about Bowyer's move.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that any clear headed person would criticize a team for trying to stay in the top 35. Reutimann had a broken sway bar arm and possible engine problem. It doesn't matter. What matters is that when the sway bar arm broke, he tawdled around for several laps at an unsafe speed rather then pit. That's why Nascar black-flagged him. Whoever made that decision to stay out ruined the end of what had been a decent race. None of the HMS drivers are at the top of my drivers list. I'm just telling it like it is.

Garry said...

WOW. Clint Boyer just made the stupidest move I've ever seen. How in the heck do you drive it sooooo deep into the corner, knowing you are making it three wide in a single groove, and not know you are about to wreck the two fastest cars?? Once again, that's typical Mikey Waltrip: He'll wreck is mother to get 15 minutes of fame.... Team orders indeed.The coverage sucked. Commercial fest towards the end, too much Waltrips, and Mike Joy's knowledege and professionalism are sideswiped by two morons, who couldn't get out of their own way... Even DW's Twitter name says it all: @ALLWALTRIP. Really, Darrel? Really? Just leave, will you?

Anonymous said...

"Garry said...
WOW. Clint Boyer just made the stupidest move I've ever seen"

Look at the shove he got from Newman.

Gotta wonder if the HMS engines they buy won't be as good next time. Wasnt the #10 affiliated with the SHR stable this week?

Anonymous said...

"Garry said...
WOW. Clint Boyer just made the stupidest move I've ever seen"

Look at the shove he got from Newman.

Gotta wonder if the HMS engines they buy won't be as good next time. Wasnt the #10 affiliated with the SHR stable this week?

Garry said...

Agree with Anonymous. Newman and ruetimann will get the bottom of the barrel parts at Texas....

Garry said...

One problem I had with Raceday on Speed, was Wendy's comment of "off week". I'm sorry, Wendy, it's NOT AN OFF WEEK! It's Easter!! That's why they don't race! Same with Mother's Day! She makes it sound as if it's just a hole in the schedule.... Call it what it is.EASTER.

Anonymous said...

Whole darn thing is a mess, from Brian France and cronies ruining good racing, now its for show like wrestling, not actually a sport anymore, the newbies to the sport don't know any diff, so they think its racing, its not. Get rid of the darn CHASE, let them all slug it out for the 36 races. I could go on, and oh one other thing, FOX you stink at coverage, buy a clue, nobody but nobody likes those self serving Waltrips..biased,obnoxious,conceited, self promoting, etc. not a good combo!

Anonymous said...

Garry, it may come as a surprise to you, but not every single person involved in NASCAR is a Christian. In fact, some people actually do not celebrate holidays at all. For them, these would be off weeks, even if the custom came about because of the holiday...

There is nothing wrong with Wendy calling them 'off weeks', as they are off work for *whatever* reason.

Garry said...

To anonymous: I understand your post, but keep in mind, the very reason to not race on Easter, is just because of that. That is the history of NASCAR. There is no other reason why they don't race on that day.

Anonymous said...

Only 2 things Fox has to do to make a BIG improvement. 1. Get rid of the Waltrips. 2. Give us wide angle shots. Till then I'll stick with MRN or PRN.
The thing that bugs me is that a station gets credit for having a viewer, even when you have it muted. If you could tell that it was muted all through the telecast, they wouldn't have hardly any ratings at all.

Rambo M. said...

Laughable broadcast as usual for the reasons already mentioned above, but not as outright atrocious at Bristol, I suppose. Maybe the race was just that much better.

Actually, I didn't think NBCSN's job with Indycar was as good as last year. The coverage quality above FOX is a no-brainer, but their graphics got a lot more confusing, and they probably should replace Bob Jenkins; he's contributing very little to the broadcasts of late.

Anonymous said...

Overnight ratings same as last yr and highest rated sports event of the day as usual........more people watched yesterday's race than ever watched a race in the 90s

Daly Planet Editor said...

I give you a 9 out of 10 on the spin scale for that one!

GinaV24 said...

I was at the track so I enjoyed watching all the action. It's not that tough to cover it, they had a helicopter up all day and could easily have shown the entire track, but Fox chooses NOT to.

Obviously being a Gordon fan, I was highly irate to see him lose the race that way - that car was a beautiful sight running around the track all day.

Jeff's comments about the driver of the MWR car can't be repeated on a family site so I won't.

It was wonderful being able to enjoy the race, see all the action and not have to listen to any Waltrip words of nonsense.

MortonGroveDon said...

Cant stomache the waltrips anymore.......nor the closeup, incar hoodshots at a track smaller that most costco parking lots....I switched it off halfway thru and watched the MotoGp on Speed...not because Im a big bike fan....BUT TO SEE SOME ACTUAL RACING!!!!!!!!! I get better commentary for racing when I watch my neices play Mariokart than I get from Mike and "Ol 11 time martinsville champ"...

West Coast Kenny said...


I had your #TDP1 on its own stream on Hootsuite (which I love folks, it's free, and the advertising is very discreet and not intrusive) and watched the Indy race from Barber. I had the leaderboard in a Firefox tab and Hootsuite in another, MRN low, and Indycar on my TV.

What a refreshing contrast. The announcers on MRN and the Indycar race on NBC Sports Net don't seem to be in love with the sound of their own voices and although they have every right to be and deserve it, they are not imperious. There are no obvious conflicts of interest either. (Please remove Mike Joy from all negative inference. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.)

There were plenty of cameras mounted on the Indy cars but the director seldom held the shot for more than a few seconds, just enough to establish the sense of speed and how close the car was to others and the fence. There were a lot of long and loving aerial shots from the helicopter which not only gave me good grasp of the relationship between the cars but also helped me figure out what part of the course I was looking at. Of course I also had Indycar's Timing and Scoring page up in its own Firefox tab, which has GPS tracking shown on a course map adjacent to the leaderboard.

Poor timing for network and local breaks is largely coincidental until close to the end of the race, when events are more easily predicted. But having side-by-side advertising with the Top 3 positions inset in a graphic kept me satisfied.

All these things tell me it's possible to do things differently than what we've been given by NASCAR's TVV partners. Indy is clearly playing catch-up, so they're trying harder. The new, more powerful engines showed me more passes and attempts in the first half of the race than I can remember in any open wheel race.

I still will watch Cup races, but my relationship with NASCAR is like a fading marriage. My spouse is still attractive, but the irritating habits which I found charming when I was hot for her are now impossible to ignore. We both know it's over but neither of us wants to be the first to say anything. I'll always be available if she makes a booty call, but I won't be there when she wakes up.


Sophia said...

i skipped watching the race. the in car, zoomed in cam just stinks so I also thoroughly enjoyed the Indycar race instead.

I checked on twitter sometimes to see what was happening in NASCAR but mostly was OFF the laptop and relaxing in the recliner with a cat on my lap and enjoying the 52 inch screen that belongs to my housemate.

We like the NBC guys over the BSPN guys. I wished they'd not gone to Robin Miller so late as we love it when he runs around panting to try and speak to the drivers :)

I also agree my relationship with NASCAR has been fading for years.

The more they make the nascar shows insipid fluff, the more folks stop watching.

I used to love the morning NASCAR show before raceday....forget what it was called....RD was ok the first year but when they allowed the annoying fans & waving signs & yelling to take over...it faded away.

Then they took away the Monday night show and I've hardly watched since :-(

The Indycar 36 piece on Tony Kanaan was well done, too.

Let me know when TNT takes over.

I can't take all the HORRID camera work in NASCAR.

oh, the NASCAR FAN council messed up on me, let me answer only 3 or 4 questions then was over.

Anybody else have that happen?

I didn't even get my place to type in why i stopped watching (they never show the race just in car/bumper cam/fender cam/ zoom cam on 2 cars.

I remember planning my weekends around NASCAR. Now, it will be for Indycar recordings.

bobbydjr said...

Sophia, I didn't have any problems with the Fan Council survey this week. And believe me, I let them have it about FOX and the Waltrips enough for both of us.