Friday, November 9, 2007

In-Progress At Phoenix: NASCAR Live And Busch Qualifying

While the ESPN guys play a lot of college football, SPEED will step-in and handle the Busch Series qualifying on Saturday at Phoenix.

SPEED will have a one hour version of NASCAR Live at 11AM Eastern Time. Hosted by John Roberts, this program has used Randy Pemberton and Hermie Sadler as reporters.

At Noon Eastern Time, SPEED will present the Busch Series qualifying which is scheduled for one hour and thirty minutes. Steve Byrnes, Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds will handle the commentary. Pit reporters should be Wendy Venturini and Bob Dillner.

Wrapping-up the NASCAR day for SPEED will be a final thirty minute version of NASCAR Live which will lead the network up to their scheduled "off time" of 2PM.

This is another interesting TV day in "NASCAR land," with SPEED handling qualifying and then ESPN2 showing the race for the Busch Series at Phoenix. No other sport has this type of multi-network on-air dynamic.

This page will host your comments about SPEED's two NASCAR Live programs and Busch Series qualifying. You may add your comment before, during, or after the telecasts.

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Busch Series Fan! said...

I think Randy Pemberton and Hermie Sadler do a nice job reporting from the track on this Saturday show and John Roberts is a great host. I thought it was so funny what Hermie said about Jeff Gordon having to get on the stick if he wants to win the championship. Let's hope Speed can do a good job of Busch qualifying since Edwards is first we got to see many commercials before Carl goes out.

Daly Planet Editor said...

This threesome in the booth works so well. This must be fun for them to be able to get in on a key race like this right in the middle of the ESPN coverage.

Anonymous said...

TV is good. Everyone is havin' fun
Until 3:00 at least

Newracefan said...

Is it me or are there ALOT of commercials during this qualifying session or do they time them to work around the cars they think fans want to see?

Daly Planet Editor said...

They have to do qualifying live, so they seem to be planning when to break depending on who is on the track. That is tough, no matter who is out there.

If NASCAR allows the networks to time shift qualifying next season so every car, especially on the Cup side gets on TV, that would be great.

Newracefan said...

Time Shift?

Anonymous said...

Newracefan said...
Time Shift?

November 10, 2007 12:48 PM

using a "TiVo" like system to record all the runs during break and air them as if they were live after the break. this continues for all the cars so we don't miss a run.

Lisa Hogan said...

Once again, I want to send out a “Thank You” to Steve Byrnes for his efforts to avoid using the term “provisional pole” during qualifying. I appreciate the effort involved. JD has posted that Steve reads our comments and he understood my earlier posts.

I feel that I should “splain” my viewpoint on this matter.
As a lifelong NASCAR fan, I consider myself a “veteran fan”. In fact, I attended my first NASCAR race before I was born (think about it :) ).

Every sport has its own history and language. Every racing series has its own history and language. I have attended or viewed almost every type of motorsport event. I have tried to respect each series’ history and language. I consider the language of any sport an integral part of its history. As with other sports, the language of NASCAR evolved over time and being technically correct was not a considering factor.

When the language of a sport is polluted and diluted, it takes away from the individuality and history of that sport. When a phrase or term from another series replaces a phrase or term of NASCAR, that is taking away a piece of our history.

When a person earns their paycheck covering NASCAR and doesn’t use the language of NASCAR, it shows laziness, ignorance, or lack of respect. Take your pick.

Newracefan said...

Thanks, doesn't that happen with the cup cars already. I know when I use internet it is ahead of what is being shown on tv

Anonymous said...


Are you saying:

(a) NASCAR has to approve the TiVo-style of showing qualifying, and

(b) They don't always agree to it?

Daly Planet Editor said...


It just has to do with the timeslot available.

Often, with time shifted qualifying, the show ends almost thirty minutes after the actual qualifying on the track.

NASCAR does not allow programs to overlap with cars on the track unless the schedule has been shifted on the track that day for a specific reason.

Especially with Cup qualifying, time shifting would add at least thirty minutes to the qual show.

Lisa Hogan said...

I always enjoy NASCAR Live with John Roberts and Qualifying with Steve, Larry, and Jeff.

With those three in the booth, qualifying is fun, informative, and they don't miss anything happening on the track. If we don't see it, they tell us about it.

Newracefan said...

JD, let me see if I understand this correctly. Nascar doesn't want a tivo'd cup qualifying to over lap with the start of a truck race (or what ever) which could happen if the race was scheduled to start right after cup qualifying finishes. In other words Nascar doesn't want Nascar compeating with itself when cars are on the track. Is this why we get a taped Happy Hour from ESPN at midnight?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Its not quite that simple, because the technology to time shift has only been around for a while.

Basically, if the network has a live NASCAR show scheduled right after live qualifying, they can't do it. If NASCAR has another live event on another network, they don't want it.

SPEED and ESPN have both done it this year when they could, but sometimes with the current schedule of events at the track it is not possible.

Anonymous said...

ESPN2 - Another day of missing Happy Hour!
The coverage on ESPN isn't getting better today but worse.

Wonder if they will give the wrong time for showing of Happy Hour after midnight that ends up being later than they announce.

Just wish they would respect the NASCAR fans.

I email ESPN weekly. If all Fans email them weekly maybe they will listen.

But until they get announcers that understand NASCAR or want to tell about what is really going on it will not be any better.

Rusty Wallace needs to be replaced!!

Anonymous said...

WELL now we know all about the tech center (who really cared) and no clue what if anything has happened in the caution

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
WELL now we know all about the tech center (who really cared) and no clue what if anything has happened in the caution

November 10, 2007 6:56 PM

Now hold on... first off, you posted this in the wrong column. second I thought the tech center story was interesting. it was just slightly misplaced.