Friday, July 10, 2009

"This Week In NASCAR" Facing Cancellation?

Update: Friday afternoon we posted this item after being informed of a Tweet sent directly to fans by Michael Waltrip about This Week in NASCAR on SPEED.

We provided a location on this NASCAR TV blog where fans could express their opinions on this topic. The support for this show was overwhelming. Now, we are getting hateful email after another comment from Waltrip on Twitter:

i tweet cause i love my fans. i dont even know what the daily planet is nor do i care. dont yall let uninformed third parties make u mad

Let me get this straight. TDP offered fans a location to voice their support for this program after a heads-up on potential trouble from Waltrip himself and now we are the problem?

Here is the original column, judge for yourself:

The TV island that is This Week In NASCAR on Monday nights may soon be abandoned. After losing all the other NASCAR programming on Monday nights, SPEED is reportedly considering cancelling this TV series that has run for over a decade.

Here is the information Michael Waltrip offered on Twitter Friday afternoon:

TWIN is a question next year. Speed says the rating aren't good. I asked to dress up like the caveman for ratings week but I haven't heard.

This certainly will grab the attention of hardcore fans who have enjoyed this program for a very long time. Originally titled Inside Winston Cup Racing, this series is burned into the memories of TV viewers for a classic line-up of personalities.

Michael Waltrip, Johnny Benson and Kenny Shcrader were a trio that brought NASCAR into the homes of many SPEED viewers. Hosted by TV veteran Allen Bestwick, the show featured a quirky mix of personalities that worked on several levels. Kenny Wallace, pictures above, was a guest panelist on the series.

Many classic TV moments occurred on this program. Schrader would annually ask NASCAR President Mike Helton how much money he made...just for the record. Waltrip was once handed the replay controller and chaos ensued for months until the producers wisely hit it. Benson and Bestwick were the perfect straight men for the antics of Waltrip and Schrader.

TDP will have more on this issue as the information becomes available. To offer your opinions on this topic, just click the comments button below. This is a family-friendly website, please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for stopping by.


Leslie Eaton said...

If Speed pulls this bonehead move I will Boycott Speed TV,I am sick of all the good nascar shows being cancelled!
Speed TV listen up and listen to us the fans!!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

TWIN provides perspective not found anywhere else. It will be missed. MW, Chad & the rest have been informative, entertaining, & give great insight into a race that we otherwise would miss. Its especially fun to watch when there has been controversy. Just another nail in the Nascar fans collective coffin.

Guess we'll have to be happy with Nascar Now. Oh. Joy.

HarpAmy/Amy in FL said...

I agree with Leslie about TWIN. That show is an awesome show and needs to be kept. Mikey and Chad and Steve are really a team that is awesome. If SPEED would stop trying to fix what isn't broke, they might get better ratings. The only thing that I can suggest is letting the guys talk more. I love hearing the discussions. More talk and less video and the ratings might improve. But that is beating a dead horse.

SPEED, please keep TWIN and keep Mikey, Chad, and Steve. If you must have a full-time driver, then bring Greg on for that role.

Sophia said...

I saw this Tweet earlier and told Mikey SHAME if they cancel this show but it was better with MORE TALK, LESS Video (let's be honest) I also said it was better with Kenny Schrader (which it was AND he has MANY FANS!!0

This show is good with Knaus and Mikey but not as good with Greg (no offense)

Still if SPEED cancel's this, I am done with them as apparently WT can be seen online.

SPEED LIKE NASCAR doesn't care what we want and who the heck would watch Mon Nite when the block of shows AROUND TWIN are trash?

Vicky D said...

Years ago when Speedvision (I think it was called that back then) threatened to cancel the show, Mikey suggested people write in to ask to keep it on and we did and they kept it on. Maybe we need to do the same thing again.

Hotaru1787 said...

My first reaction to reading this post was, 'No, they can't!'

I am also sick of good NASCAR programming being cancelled (TP/PB and Totally NASCAR) in favor of this other junk they have.

darbar said...

This crap is going on all over the TV sports world. Canceling shows so they can put on cheaper, and sillier shows that attract the caveman demographic---men from 18 to 29 who love those idiotic shows like Wrecked and Pinks. That's their target audience. So what is Speed going to do next, cancel Raceday, Nascar Performance and the rest, so they can produce more of their non-race related programming?

I just found out that a very popular, and long running, local show on Fox Sports Pittsburgh has been canceled. The reason why so many people subscribe to those Fox Sports Networks via Direct TV is to get news on the local sports scene when they don't live in those cities anymore. So now, Liberty Media, who owns many of the Fox Sports affiliates, is canceling the locally produced sports talk shows. Yeah, just what we need. More Hooter's bathing suit shows, more of the insulting to women shows like the Best Damn, and more friggin' informercials.

Steve L. said...

So the ratings for Wrecked and Pinks are better than TWIN? I just don't see that....

After TWIN did listen to the fans on the format, it was working out much better. I'm sure the ratings improved.

When are these networks going to figure out, less fluff is better, whether covering races or just reporting on them?

Anonymous said...

I'll also be pissed if they cancel this show! I know they "threatened" a few years back and did take it off a short while in 2K1 but they just can't do this!

I've looked forward to Mondays because of this show! Having a nice chat with the guys and getting their 2 cents on the world!


Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

This is my only highlight on a Monday and I look forward to it every week - usually watching it a couple of times. I agree with Vicky D lets try writing into Speed.

Anonymous said...

SPEED clearly wishes it were not so named--that way, they wouldn't have to run any race-related programming at all.

If you like the thrilling lives of tow-truck drivers, repo men and people who modify street cars, then you'll find SPEED interesting.

If you actually like things that go fast, then SPEED is not your channel.

Rembrandt18 said...

Speed is just a terrible channel. They don't show anywhere enough different motorsports like they should which would get them viewers who are serious racing junkies. ESPN and Foxsports leave huge voids yet Speed fails to cover them, this doesn't surprise me.

Dot said...


TWIN is a must see every Monday.

Let's write to SPEED and keep the comments coming on TDP. JD says the suits read his site.

Where can we find the ratings for the programming for SPEED? I can't believe Pimp My Ride (no new eps) gets more viewers than TWIN.

HEATHER said...

For my money, this show lost everything when they quit having Johnny Benson as a regular. JB seemed to know that NASCAR rule book upside down and backwards. No matter what question came up he could always cite what the "offical" point of view was. He was a font of information. The other bonehead move was letting Alan Bestwick go. The show was fun, informative and the guys seemed to be having a good time. Even when they stuck us with Dave Despain, the show was still pretty good because Shrader and Waltrip played well together.
Steve Burns is ok, but he is far too nice and laid back to wrangle Mikey from his plug moments.

diane said...

Many's the time that something happened during a race and I would think, I wonder what the guys will say about this on TWIN. All that will leave of the SpeedVision programming is Wind Tunnel and that's only one hour once a week now. Its a shame.

Anonymous said...

I like TWIN, but I have taped the show and not watched anything but the scanner segment for awhile.

There is no one person or element of the show I don't like... but the ratings don't lie, and I think if they want to stick around, they really need to mix it up more. And I don't mean caveman outfits.

SallyB said...

I haven't watched a live showing of twin since California...and sometimes I just forget about it. Frankly, it just hasn't been right for me since Schrader left, and my overexposure to 'Mikey' is giving me hives. While it will be a shame to see one of the few programs that actually has something to do with racing go away, it, like Nascar in general, has lost the magic. I certainly won't miss it.

The Loose Wheel said...

Has TWIN, IWC EVER had strong ratings in the past? Part of the reason I liked the show was I felt that by watching I was part of the group. You knew not everyone tuned in so you could see this and get insight that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Maybe if this show aired more than once a week the way it used to, it might do better but I guess the suits at SPEED dont see it that way.

I was hard on them after they unceremoniously kicked off JB and KS but they found a combo in Chad, Biff and Mikey that actually works the same way MW, JB and KS used to which is great.

Be a sad day if this gets the boot and some garbage like NASCAR Smarts gets a 2nd go around...


Unknown said...

Are they serious? TWIN is a great show offering a ton of information to the fans of the sport. Allowing the personalities of the panelists to come through adds to the pleasure of watching it. Greg Biffle showed off his new braces this year, Chad Knaus gives great insight from a crew chiefs point of view, Mikey is fun to watch no matter what he has on his mind. For me personally Steve Byrnes has been the best host yet. It's a long trip from Sunday to Friday without TWIN.
JUST SAY NOOOOOOO to cancelling it.

Unknown said...

oh one thing i would like to see is the interviews and guest appearances of other drivers like they used to have. it would be nice to see more young / rookie drivers & crew chiefs come in as guest panelists.

The Loose Wheel said...

Gotta agree dori, the Hot Seat was fun!

Richard in N.C. said...

Apparently the manglement philosophy at SPEED is the pick at a scab theory - if you tinker long enough you will get a serious bleeding.

I continue to have a really hard time understanding SPEED's having super racing-based programming from midday Friday until 10:00PM Sunday - and the rest of the week it acts like racing fans don't exist. It is a clear indication to me that SPEED figures it can take racing fans for granted (if we show it, they will come) and caters to a non-racing group the rest of the time.

In my opinion, Hunter Nickles needs to be cancelled more than any of SPEED's programming.

Sophia said...

I also liked the old HotSeat

PART of the reason for low ratings in my opinion is TOO MANY SEGMENTS OF VIDEO!

Sure I like hearing the scanner chatter but I love the roundtable discussion the boys used to have that led to whatever!! MORE TALK, less video.

Also more talk LESS LOUD MUSIC.

It was great when the flip flop show STANK (PREVIEW ahead of race REVIEW) and they finally changed it.

But let the boys talk. There is so much video filler in this show I PERSONALLY feel that has hurt the ratings.

Also good idea to repeat the show more AND how about following it with repeat of VL or SR??? or at least edited versions of both but I realize, editing means more work for somebody.

PLEASE do not cancel this show.

p.s. not to mention this show ever PROMOTED on SPEED?? I don't watch Pinks, Unique whip & Wrecked and that other junk. If RACING ratings are down for the racin' it would make sense TWIN ratings not good. ALLOW the FUN back in TWIN and the numbers will follow. I remember when Schrader took a mouthful of cookie the did an INTRO for the show before it started. Bring back the INTRO to the show by the PANELISTS~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

stricklinfan82 said...

I'm disappointed that Speed Channel seems to be trying to distance themselves further and further from auto racing. I can't speak for other racing series but there has been a major scaleback in recent years on the series I watch - NASCAR and ARCA - and losing This Week in NASCAR would be yet another step in that disappointing direction, in my personal opinion.

Newracefan said...

Oh great more good news. The only Speed show I watch until Nascar starts up for the weekend and they want to dump it? What; we need another night of Wrecked and Pinks. Good Lord off to email Speed and tell them to get their head out of...... oh well never mind that part

Renee said...

Michael's latest tweets back down from the ratings statement, but it certainly got a lot of people's attention.

TWIN in all it's forms has been a must for me every Monday night. Though it hasn't been the same since they decided to break up the original expert panel, I would be sad to see it go. I may not enjoy it as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it with the current cast, particularly when the "odd couple" make up the panel.

Nancy Nuce said...

It's silliness like Mikey's caveman comment that has made many of us stop watching TWIN. At times it seems like he has no mental filter that tells him what is appropriate to say or not to say. I really like Mikey, but cringe when he acts like a spoiled 5 year old and has to dominate every conversation even to the extent of interrupting others.

West Coast Diane said...

Another vote to keep it. Other than Wind Tunnel and Trackside, TWIN is the only show I watch on SPEED (non on track show).

Yes, Mikey gets on my nerves when cutting people off...and I am a Mikey fan. So I can see why non Mikey fans have a hard time watching. is the only show that gives some semblance of inside info. Wish the PTB understood than NASCAR fans want inside info, not all the same drivel and same crash shots shown a hundred times.

SPEED please keep the show!!

Anonymous said...

I love watching TWIN each week. I used to love when Allen Bestwick, Schrader, and Mikey were on the show. I watch the show for the insight on the races, but I also like it because it's so entertaining. Other racing shows provide information, but no one is like Michael Waltrip when it comes to entertaining the fans.
Mikey makes a great TV personality, and I love to see him in an expanded TV role next year.

Anonymous said...

I hope that doesn't happen. I love Monday nights BECAUSE of TWIN. It's informative, insightful and entertaining. Please SPEED, don't do it!

Mapman said...

Didn't the show go hiatus for 2001?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Yep, do you remember when they made it 90 minutes long one year?

Anonymous said...

I remember that...
I really liked the 90 minute shows, but I guess they didn't get good enough ratings for the SPEED execs.

I can't wait until the NASCAR Media Group gets a NASCAR tv network on air. I am getting fed up with SPEED Channel!

Anonymous said...

SPEED execs are idiots. This show used to be immensely popular. Then they watered the show down and took away the fun. I still watch, but I think some people stopped watching as the show changed. Perhaps they should allow the show to be the "old" TWIN and ratings would go up again.

Daly Planet Editor said...

OK, now get this. I am getting angry emails from MW and TWIN fans for my post. What the heck is that about?

Here is a Tweet from MW:

i tweet cause i love my fans. i dont even know what the daily planet is nor do i care. dont yall let uninformed third parties make u mad

How is posting a story where fans can come and tell SPEED how much they like the program a problem?

This has certainly been a very strange week.


Unknown said...
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Jessica said...

Isn't it not just about ratings? You would think the cost-to-produce/ratings ratio on TWIN would trump pinks and wrecked any day. Its three guys in a studio, shot "live", edited the same day and some filler (often recycled) video. how much could that cost?

Snafam said...

Ok! I admit I was a witness to the Mikey Tweets. I am not the least bit shocked that Mikey took things personally.

I have not watched TWIN in over a year and a half. Well, okay, I have tuned in on rare instances, but gave up once Mikey used his forum to roast other drivers. Mikey and team, at first, were having fun, and we fans were able to participate in the fun. The change started when Benson and Schrader disappeared, but then it got even worse. At some point in the last few years, Mikey turned the fun part into a way to slam other drivers.

When he became an owner, suddenly the pro-sponsor drivel was not as funny, and the driver lambasting even less.

At some point, shows are relevant. Mikey's was relevant back in the days when there was very little to let us know what was happening in the world of NASCAR. Now, he has moved on to being more of an owner than a driver.

And as a driver, he should know who his strongest media supporters are. Too bad that he claims he has never heard of this blog. John has posted many compliments about the show, and it appears they were not deserved.

Don't get me wrong! I loved his personality, and thought he was great. I was one of those fans who waited in line for hours to get his autograph. But, that was a few years ago, and there are other drivers who I WILL wait in line to see.


The Loose Wheel said...

JD sounds like Mikey being Mikey.

Anonymous said...

What a tweeting twirp Waltrip has become. Here we are, trying to support his program, and he's ripping us? What's up with that? Just because a few have said they don't like how the show has changed and that Waltrip's personality has at times made the show uncomfortable to watch, he decides we're the problem? Hey Mikey, I've got some advice for you. If you're too big to be on TWIN, and really want the show canceled, let us know so we can write Speed and and tell them to dump this program. Otherwise, take the good with the bad, shut up, and let the fans of TWIN let their feelings known.

stricklinfan82 said...


As a fan of the show I do appreciate you bringing this to the fans' attention so I could voice my support for Steve, Michael, Chad, Greg, and the various other people that work on This Week in NASCAR.

I don't know what kind of hearsay Michael apparently heard about this site he has never visited before, but I do hope that it will be brought to his attention that the majority of the posters here seem to be in support of keeping TWIN around in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Now this isn't a crack at users of this blog, but most people who pay attention to this sport don't know of this blog. Mikey doesn't and many others don't. And that's ok. Some people obviously do.

Before I'd think Mikey is trying to anger his supporters, he probably was reacting to what someone wrote to him on twitter. Again, he doesn't know the site so he doesn't know of the same people who write on it every week and comment.

In the end, this is a site where people share their thoughts and feelings, but like the other hundreds of racing websites in the world, it's just people sharing their opinions, not facts all the time.

JD makes some good comments sometimes just like others, but in the end, this site does more for it's regular users than the "tv execs" it tries to point things out to.

Take a deep breath everyone. If there's no TWIN, what will you guys take the time to criticize every monday night ?

Maybe if TWIN goes away it will help people realize they put tv shows on for us to enjoy, rather than to pick apart every week.

It's a sport people, which is a form of entertainment. Enjoy it for what it is and it will be a lot more enjoyable.

Keep blogging and keep watching. Those TV execs just want you to watch in the end, so if you watch just to criticize it, they're probably still happy.

Dannyboy said...

Just in case this blog post and comments get passed up the line to MW or SPEED execs, I want to add my voice to the overwhelming support for TWIN.

I have watched the show since about the second season, and written many emails and even letters to SPEED and FOX about the way they have mangled this show over the years.

I am also saddened that MW has apparently gotten some bad info and hope this can be straightened out.

I have a close friend who has worked high up in TV production in L.A. - those people will sell their souls for ratings, so I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Personally,I wouldn't miss Twin. Too much Mikey and while Chad and Biffle have come a long way, something is clearly missing. On Monday's, NN wins hands down!

red said...

guess what i'm finding interesting in all this is waltrip's reaction to something he put out there in the first place. is he implying that what he tweets is for his fans only, some sort of exclusive "secret decoder ring" moment? is he upset at the minority sentiments expressed here about his work on TWIN? is he embarassed that jd was given this information and used it for a column? that maybe he was tweeting without having solid info and feels he's been "called out" by TDP?

sounds to me as if waltrip has been hoisted by his own petard.

autobot392 said...

Speed has a style all of its own whether it be during week or week end . What they have works leave it alone - except maybe adding Wendy V. -more chatter and less video as stated is right on. Even
Mickey talking to himself beats ESPN.
If I want highlights I'll go to NASCAR.Com

Anonymous said...

More people ,SPEED, FOX, should pay more attention to what Private Harbor posted.I used to really like Michael Waltrip but now I am so tired of his goofy act I change the channel anytime he is on. His older brother is the same for me.I'm not surprised the ratings are down, everyone I know has tired of him.I have never seen any other person who talks over and interrupts people as much as him.I cringe whenever he speaks as it is almost always the goofy or stupid act which I wish he would abandon.I'm sure he's worried , he looks to be losing a lot of TV time in front of the camera next year. When he's referred to as the Franchise, I shake my head and think how far off the mark that comment is.

50 yr. fan said...

It's MW still trying to talk over
everyone with his tweets. TWIN is up against some good network programs at 8PM. Move it to 7PM against the reruns and turn down the blasting commercials.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching twin years ago, and everything else on speed except quals and practices for nascar. usually its just mikey or biffle making excuses for wrecking!

Anonymous said...

I still miss RPM!

Anonymous said...

I've watched TWiN for years in its many incarnations. It's a great way to wrap up the weekend and get a start on the upcoming race. Steve is ok but I liked Alan better. I agree that they need to show less video and let the guys comment more on the race. The Hot Seat was good to bring in another voice to the show. I enjoy having the mix of driver and crew chief. With Michael stepping out of the car they can add another driver and keep him for the owners perspective.

SPEED needs to keep their programming to real racing and not fluff like Pinks and Wrecked.

Jasper said...

First of all, let's not jump to conclusion about Michael's "tweet", you don't even know the circumstances for the reason he "tweeted" this. He "tweets" to his fans all the time, he may have had some nasty "tweets" about this subject and he was defending himself with his fans, again we don't know the circumstances. Or maybe, he has read your blog and recalls that you and several posters were very critical of the show and especially, him when he was going through a tough time in 2007. I remember this blog "lit up" when it came to criticizing the show, maybe he remembers too. My suggestion is to "tweet" Michael and introduce yourself and ask him the reason why. I'm sure he'll answer you.

Secondly, I hope SPEED keeps the show, it's the only after race show I watch and I've enjoyed it for 10+ yrs. Maybe I am old, but I don't like this year's line up on SPEED. Reality TV is just not for me. I don't watch the ESPN show either, too uptight for me. Hope the executives at SPEED make the right decision.

Rob Apted said...

I think the problem is with Michael Waltrip himself. All he does is blab about useless info, caveman fantasies, and how he is not competitive. Well, if you are not competitive, then why are you even there? Lets have a guest face in addition to Steve/Chad (who has an unbelievable amount of knowledge that he shares with us as to how/why things happen each week) a driver who is in the tip 12 in points. Not some guy who overstayed his welcome as well as his career.

Dave in California said...

I've watched this show since it was
on TNN.It's the only SPEED show I
look forward to.I suppose it'll be
replaced with"Rutlege Woods Greatest Hits".

Mindy said...

Anonymous 7:54

"The Franchise" is referred to David Reutimann not Waltrip.

Hope SPEED keeps the show. It's fun to watch the boys talk about the race in a comfortable surrounding, they're relaxed and can be themselves. I get more out of it than NASCAR NOW. NN is just a filler for me.

eaglesoars said...

There was a time not very long ago that when I got up in the morning until I went to bed at night my TV was on SPEEDVISION. I got to watch a great variety of racing and I even watched things I don't normally watch now like Monster Jam. I loved that I could see sprint cars, midgets, WoO, COOR, World Rally etc.
As yo can see I just love racing of all kinds so a network named SPEED seemed to be perfect, until the big sellout to FOX and they've done away with almost all other racing except their NASCAR, F1, and Bikes and turned it into a stupid reality based programming. IF I really wanted that BS I'd just go watch FOX.
So the executives at FOX are very successful if it's ratings they are after, except for NASCAR races I never watch FOX and they have converted a network I was constantly tuned into, into one I now only tune in for specific NASCAR programming. I always watch Wind Tunnel even after they screwed it up but I don't watch Raceday, Victory Lane, Trackside or any of the other stuff they try to stuff down our throats. It is down right insulting what the execs at SPEED appear to think our mentality is. Maybe it's just they're trying to lower everyone else's level to theirs.

To the person that says we should be thankful for what they give us. Are you kidding me? If it wasn't for us fans they wouldn't have their fat salaries and plush jobs.
Oh well just one less hour I'm tuned into a network sliding right down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

The orignal show with bestwick schrader benson and waltrip was brilliantly conceived and executed

programmed at 7pm so as not to compete with network primetime fare

the FOX/SPEED dolts took over and like every other sports property they have soiled, screwed everything up.

interesting that ESPN has adopted many of the fulltime and part timers who were part of the original show
(benson, bestwick, ricky craven,)
maybe they'll pick it up lock stock and barrell

Anonymous said...

Twin minus Waltrip would be great. I quit watching, because I could no longer stand the sight and sound of a grown man going from silly to absurb to embarrassment. Steve and Chad are always on their game. This could be a great program again if they would switch Michael with someone else. If the program continues as it is, I will continue not watching.

Anonymous said...

We love this show. Can't believe Speed would even consider taking this off the air!! What can they be thinking? LEAVE IT ON!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Sophia said...

EXCELLENT point about this being on at 8pm. I'd forgotten it was always on earlier. 7pm would take it off primetime shows. It's often been up against DWTStars and I don't know AIdol maybe?

Glad to see others think the show needs LESS video and more chat. It was the unscripted chat, where you never knew what was going to be said next, that kept the show FUN.

Now it's canned videos, often old ones, too much promo and not enough talking from the panel. Hello, it's a talk show.

MW may not like TDP as there is much bashing of him here. Not just a passing comment but personal stuff that goes on for sentences or crude references. ouch

Mikey seems grateful for all he has gotten from the sport and is well aware he is not the most winning or Top 10 driver. That goes a long way in my book.

Also they budget may no longer allow it but Kenny S could keep MW in his place with a simple look and raised eyebrows!

SPEED "Fixed" what was never broken, put it in a bad time slot (HEAVEN FORBID they schedule PINKS LATER)and took away much of the dialogue.

Kenn Fong said...


It's interesting that only Michael Waltrip remains from the cast in your picture.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Daly Planet Editor said...


Let's set the record straight. TDP called for changes in the show back in 2007 because of Dave Despain and the guest panelist line-up.

Despain was removed from the show and the panelists line-up was changed at the end of 2008.

When the new TWIN with Steve Byrnes started, TDP was very vocal in calling for a major change in the program.

If you remember, they began the show with a very short chat and then offered thirty minutes of a preview of the next race. It was horrible.

Sure enough, we had the opportunity to thank the SPEED execs who allows the production team to transform the show into what we see today by flipping the entire format.

Now, the review and all the good stories of the weekend started the show. We also lobbied for the series to include Truck and Nationwide highlights. Those are now offered every time the series run.

I am proud of what we did and the resulting changes that came in part from the TDP reader comments.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Replace Waltrip with Kyle Petty and I think TWIN will be reborn.

Mary said...

Mikey IS the show

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

twin used to be a real good show. i stopped watching it when they took allen bestwick and changed their whole format. mikey gets on my nerves, put some other drivers on there and keep the show on SPEED.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mindy,this site, TDP, has referred to Michael Waltrip as the franchise for SPEED more than one time. I suppose referring to his supposedly big following on TV.David Reutimann is also called the franchise as a nickname, but not given to him by this site like MW has.

Anonymous said...
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Jasper said...


I certainly agree with what you said about TDP turning the program around, with everyone's in put, SPEED listened. It needed to be done and I have no argument with you. You should be proud, this blog made a difference.

I guess I don't understand the "Let's set the record straight." If you think I stepped over the line by calling you out by the way you criticized the show and Michael in 2006 & 2007, I apologize. But I do remember some of the unflattering remarks you wrote in your blog about Michael, especially when he was going through a very hard time in his life, personally & professionally. All I meant was that Michael might have read them also and may have had the same reaction as I did. But then again, we don't know why he "tweeted" with this reaction. Do we?

Again, I apologize if I stepped on your toes.

Daly Planet Editor said...


No worries! One and a while we just try to review how things have changed over the years with the different TV shows and race coverage.

I appreciate your posts and please keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

I agree with who stated to dump Waltrip and bring someone like Kyle Petty onto the show. If you want a good, credible, owner, get someone who really runs a team well, like either JD or Joe Gibbs, Jack Roush, Rick Hendrick or Childress. These are owners who will have some credibility and not on the show to hawk, Toyota, NAPA-Parts, or his own persona.

John, why so many deleted posts, today? Cannot one speak their mind. I know some of the Waltrip-fans get their feelings easily hurt and maybe Mikey does also; but, it is the real world out there, John. Let's see what everyone has to say, unless is has profanity in it. We are all adults.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that the hardcore race fans attention will be grabbed. I have many hardcore friends who have been involved in racing many ways for many years. These people feel shows like this "dumb down" our favorite, lifelong sport. What appears to be humorous to a few viewers is just plain stupid and unwatchable for my taste as well.If TWINS run is over, and I won't miss it, it's because not enough race fans want to see the idiocy that this program has become. It's a far cry from some of the old shows, like with Eli Gold, but maybe going back to some of those type of shows would be better.

Anonymous said...

Replace Michael with Kyle Petty? REALLY. That man is so boring and when they put him on trading paint, it folded pretty fast. Nascar Smart is a joke. Between him and Rutledge,it is a waste of time.

Deborah said...

This show is responsible for creating many new die-hard NASCAR fans. There are so many fans who say that they got sucked into becoming huge fans of the sport after having watched a few episodes of the Monday night show and seeing the passion that the various panel members had for racing.It would be a huge loss for NASCAR if SPEED cancels this show. I don't think it's a good sign for NASCAR programming in general if the ratings truly are down for a show like this that continues to be a fan favorite. If fans aren't even watching this show, what shows are they watching?

I also agree with the person who said that Michael is the show - he is a big reason why many fans have continued to watch even when the show had some issues in the Dave Despain timeperiod. I watch because of Michael and wouldn't watch without him.

Anonymous said...

I like the show but I am REALLY tired of Waltrip. He is too full of himself.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Schrader
Nuff said

Anonymous said...

@eaglesoars--yes I agree. Very sad that just a few short years ago you could watch all forms of racing. When I was in Cali working 5 am to 2 pm I'd put it on SPEED when I got home while waiting for Totally NA$CAR to start and watch the Rally boyz and other fun racing. And check out the Two Wheel gang. Now the channel is unrecognizable. There's not much speed left in SPEED :(