Sunday, March 18, 2007

SPEED: RaceDay - Atlanta

Let's face facts. RaceDay on SPEED is the best NASCAR show on TV. Host John Roberts stands back and lets people talk to each other, a skill that is lacking on other racing shows. The production team at SPEED has assembled a wonderful cast of characters that has resonated with both the fans and the drivers. This show is a pleasure to watch.

Perhaps the most talented interviewer currently in racing is Wendy Venturini. She is blessed with the same inquisitive nature as veteran Alan Bestwick, but can use her strong personality to handle very diverse reporting duties. It is a pleasure to see her deep in technical race talk with a driver, and then transition to interviewing celebrities from Pam Anderson to Kurt Russell. It has been suggested that she is a potential replacement for Dave Despain on Inside NEXTEL Cup Racing, a series that has been struggling on SPEED.

The management at SPEED has to be smiling, RaceDay is a franchise.