Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tues/Weds. Notes

Just a couple of updates for this week:

Satellite Radio - I will be talking on Wednesday at 5PM Eastern Time with Dave Moody on Sirius Speedway about the pre-season NASCAR TV issues. (Sirius Channel 128)

Site Update - Krista Voda is returning from the AMA Supercross in California and will be answering the questions you submitted shortly. Look for her answers later this week.

Network Note - Thanks to SPEED for adjusting the on-screen logo, showing all the speeds of the cars in each test session, and using the lower third "ticker" on the screen to give fans great NASCAR info in Tuesday's Daytona testing show. It was outstanding. (7PM Eastern all week on SPEED)

AM Sports Radio - This Saturday, I will be on the KFAN Motorsports Show with Chris Hawkey that is based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The show is also available all over the upper Midwest. I will be taking phone calls and talking NASCAR TV for a full hour beginning at 1:20 PM Eastern/12:20 Central Time. A podcast of the program will be available immediately after the show at KFAN.com.

Internet/Syndicated Radio - I will be speaking with Paul Kaminski this week for his podcast and syndicated sports radio show on The Motor Sports Radio Network. Podcast info is online at at this link.

SPEED in HD - The network executive in charge of the SPEED HD project is going to give us the scoop on the network's plans later this week. We will pass that info along to you in a column about the entire transition of the network to HD and widescreen format. Don't worry, no one without the HD feed will miss a thing.

Thanks for taking the time to let us keep you updated and for reading The Daly Planet.