Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guess what The Daly Planet is going to be doing this weekend live?

1 - There will be a special Indy 500 column, live forum and TV race review this weekend. The preview will be posted Friday night and the forum will be live during the pre-race and the race for TV-related comments. Please join us.

Finally, a race review of the ABC Broadcast team's performance will be posted for your comments shortly after the race telecast ends. This is a special one-time non-NASCAR project. Thank you to the readers who suggested it.

2 - We will not be reviewing the World of Outlaws special from The Dirt Track at Lowe's Motor Speedway on Friday night. Other websites are much more current on that series and will also have boards on that subject. Thanks for the readers who inquired about that topic.

3 - Even though Friday is slow for NASCAR TV, Saturday is a very different story. If you have outdoor plans on Saturday, set the DVR or the VCR for what could be a fascinating day at the Lowe's Motor Speedway. I do not think we have seen the end of the Humpy Wheeler vs. Bruton Smith saga. There will be a full Saturday NASCAR preview up Friday night.

Thanks again for taking the time to stop by The Daly Planet and have a great Memorial Day weekend.