Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live Blogging Sprint Cup Series from Atlanta (ESPN - 7Pm ET)

This holiday edition of the Sprint Cup Series race from Atlanta Motor Speedway is ready to roll under the lights tonight.

Allen Bestwick starts the coverage with Brad Daugherty and Rusty Wallace from the Infield Pit Studio. Tim Brewer is in the Tech Garage. This is a short pre-race show so the pace should be fast. Expect ESPN to focus on the Chase and the guys on the bubble.

Marty Reid, Andy Petree and Dale Jarrett are going to call the race from the TV booth. On pit road are Dr. Jerry Punch, Jamie Little, Dave Burns and Mike Massaro.

This high-speed track has been the cause of much frustration in the garage. Tires fade away quickly and may be the story of the race. The field stretches out quickly and clean air is important for passing. Quick pit stops are crucial.

ESPN repeated a frustrating scenario on Saturday night during the Nationwide Series race. Rarely was the aerial camera used and the director continued the pattern of slowly zooming in with the cameras during each segment until only two cars were being featured. The actual racing on the track was often lost.

Races this time of year are critical and only good fundamental TV coverage by ESPN tonight is going to hold the attention of fans who have lots of other sports TV options.

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