Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week Three: Ask Your NASCAR TV Questions And Get An Answer

Thanks to all of you we have been getting a lot of new TV information out into the public. It would not happen if you did not take the time to ask good questions about the TV coverage of NASCAR and the issues that go along with it.

Tuesday night we are opening the question forum and we will begin answering your posts on Wednesday morning. The last two weeks were so successful that we hosted a special Sunday "one day" forum this past weekend.

If you have not read the previous forums, please take a minute to read them here and here. Then you can ask your question in this post by simply clicking on the COMMENTS button below. Please read the rules on the right side of the main page if this is your first time using The Daly Planet.

Please be respectful in your posts, as comments about networks and announcers in bad taste will not be tolerated. We will begin answering questions on Wednesday morning, and keep the forum going all day Wednesday. Keep checking back and following-up on your questions and our answers.

We have been getting some great help from several "TV types" with the answers during this forum. We appreciate their help, and look forward to having a fun and insightful Wednesday. Its always interesting when you get to ask the questions.