Friday, April 15, 2011

Breakfast With Milka In Talladega

Things got wild and wacky at Talladega on Friday. Although the Nationwide and Cup Series got some track time, it was the ARCA race scheduled for 5PM that never took the green flag.

Instead, Saturday morning at 9AM ET SPEED will be live from Talladega for all the ARCA action. Rick Allen is calling the race with Phil Parsons and Kenny Schrader in the TV booth. Bob Dillner and Ray Dunlap are handling pit road.

The driver with the most curious past is Milka Duno. The 38 year-old Venezuelan is driving for Sheltra Motorsports, a Florida-based team. She will start from the eighth spot. Duno has tried her well-funded hand at IndyCar and sports car racing with little luck. It may well be that ARCA might be her best chance to actually bring the Citgo brand to Victory Lane.

A couple of well-funded familiar last names are also in the race. Ty Dillon and Brandon McReynolds will have some nervous dads on the pit box. The reality of ARCA these days is represented by the fact that the pole sitter is more than ten miles an hour faster than the tail of the field.

The boys in the back include Darrell Basham, who is said to be sponsored by the F&W Bar and Grill of Lincoln, AL. Apparently, Darrell and the boys were inspired enough by eating F&W's BBQ that they decided to bring the establishment along for the ride.

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