Sunday, June 6, 2010

Your Turn: Sprint Cup Series From Pocono On TNT

Sunday was the first of six Sprint Cup Series races on TNT. The new music theme was "TNT" from AC/DC.

Lindsay Czarniak, Larry McReynolds and Kyle Petty started the show from the infield stage. The pre-race show contained a mix of features, live interviews and a discussion among the analysts.

Weather was threatening and hit on the pace laps. The race was red flagged and Czarniak and McReynolds moved to an indoor studio location that TNT would not disclose. They hosted the rain delay, despite experiencing an audio problem for several minutes.

The pit reporters were Ralph Sheheen, Marty Snider, Matt Yocum and Phil Parsons. These four arranged a lot of interviews with drivers and TNT mixed them with several features that were repeated, including "Wally's World" during the rain delay.

Once things got underway, it was Adam Alexander, Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach Jr. in the booth. This was the first outing for Alexander in this role. Alexander was calm in his approach, but kept the facts straight and did a good job of directing traffic.

Petty and Dallenbach had an on-going conversation. These two kept things upbeat, despite the fact that the race had long stretches with limited passing and few storylines. The booth did not mention the "start and park" cars. Before the restart with XX laps to go, the trio in the booth came back on camera for a recap.

TNT worked the pit reporters, but also offered a dedicated pit reporter (Jim Noble) for online viewers watching RaceBuddy at the website. This four camera feed with some added features is a TNT creation and will be on all six races.

The network continues to add some additional graphics like plylons that mark pit out and other areas of the track. There was only one graphics crawl on the screen and it stayed consistent for the race. Additional graphics highlighted individual cars with live information.

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Live Blogging Sprint Cup Series in Pocono (12PM ET TNT)

Here we go with the first of six Sprint Cup Series races on TNT, but the story of Sunday is not the TV network, it is the weather.

Thunderstorms are expected in the area all afternoon and the teams are ready for a very long afternoon. TNT is perhaps the network that may have the toughest time filling a rain delay. They have no other NASCAR programming and if lightning shuts the TV compound down, it may be movie time for NASCAR fans.

It will be Lindsay Czarniak hosting the telecasts from the infield stage with Larry McReynolds. Joining that duo for the pre-race show will be Kyle Petty. McReynolds has the same cutaway car back for this season.

It will be Adam Alexander, Petty and Wally Dallenbach Jr. in the TV booth. This trio worked a session of practice on Saturday and sounded quite good. This is the first time calling play-by-play for Alexander and TNT really took a leap of faith on his selection.

TNT will return the online RaceBuddy application. Jim Noble, veteran PRN reporter, will be the dedicated online pit reporter working only for RaceBuddy users. There will be multiple cameras and online Twitter and social media feeds as well as live chat.

Kyle Petty has lead the way in social media interaction with fans and Adam Alexander told me this week he expects Petty to handle the live tweets in the TV booth. It should be interesting to see how year number two of this direct fan interaction works.

TNT has a history of showing NASCAR in a very different way than FOX. While FOX concentrates on one or two cars and the announcers talk about the video, TNT uses wideshots and follows the racing on the track all the time. Last season, this "old school" approach worked very well for the network.

TNT is integrated with the website. Each race morning, a member of the TV team will host a live chat with fans. For post-race, the TNT gang will use for live video coverage and reports.

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