Friday, October 29, 2010

Live Blogging Friday At Talladega On SPEED

This day is always one that real race fans cherish. Both the Camping World Trucks and the Sprint Cup Series cars are going to be on the track at full speed racing in packs and checking out their equipment. It makes for good TV.

The full TV schedule is listed on the left side of the page. It starts at 10AM ET and runs through the end of Trackside at 8PM. Along the way, ESPN2 sneaks-in an episode of NASCAR Now at 5PM.

Everything else is on SPEED and this is a day of coverage that really shows what a fulltime NASCAR TV network could do. Friday through Sunday there are so many stories, so many possible show topics and such a wonderful flavor at the racetracks that the current TV package just does not do it justice.

On a day like Friday, when SPEED is just fulltime NASCAR and viewers are just along for the ride really is the type of coverage that can help get the sport back on the right track. Putting this coverage online for free would expand the audience even further and let any laptop or iPad tag along.

Mike Joy is handling the Cup Series, Rick Allen is calling the trucks and Krista Voda is hosting Trackside. It should be a fun day of TV on SPEED

Please feel free to post your TV-related comments on any of the Talladega programming throughout the day. This is a family-friendly website, so please keep that in mind when posting. Thanks for stopping by The Daly Planet.