Friday, November 30, 2007

In-Progress in NYC: NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Banquet

Friday night at 9PM Eastern Time, ESPN Classic plays host to the 2007 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Banquet from New York City.

At 8:30PM, also on Classic, the Myers Brothers Awards Luncheon will have highlights shown from the Thursday function that awards the Rookie of the Year and other sponsor-driven awards.

This Banquet has changed networks as the NASCAR TV contracts have changed, and this will be the first year on ESPN Classic. The program will re-air at Midnight Eastern, 9PM Pacific for the West Coast.

The evening will be hosted by Dr. Jerry Punch, with Kelly Clarkson as the musical guest and David Spade as the comic entertainment.

This function has changed from a rather informal and often entertaining end-of-season blow-out to a fully charged high-dollar sponsor-driven TV show. In the past several years, the drivers have read their acceptance speeches from a TV style Teleprompter.

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