Friday, May 11, 2012

Join Me On SiriusXM At Noon Saturday

Kicking off race day with an appearance on the Press Pass program on the SiriusXM NASCAR channel at noon ET. Happy to join co-hosts Jim Noble and Dustin Long to talk some NASCAR TV. The program starts at 11AM and runs through 2PM.

Sirius is available online, but only to subscribers who have a car or portable Sirius radio. There currently is no "online only" option. That is something we are working on, but no luck yet.

Jim sets the tone and asks the questions, so all I know is that we are going to talk about some current TV topics. It will be great to get some opinions from Dustin on those same topics. He has been working hard on his "Backseat Fan Council" for quite some time and gets some great fan feedback.

Hope to see you then. There will be a new post up later for the Cup race and a full night of live chat over on Twitter beginning at 6PM ET. Thanks!