Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Time For Your "NASCAR TV Best And Worst" Of The 2007 Races

Before the memories fade of the 2007 NASCAR season, let's try to bring back some of those classic TV moments that really got our attention. They would be divided into two categories, the good and the bad.

The one thing that we require is that both moments must be from a race itself. Later, there will be another column about all of the non-racing NASCAR TV shows. That one should be fun.

So, this is not about the actual racing, or the drivers, or NASCAR as a business. It is about the coverage you have watched all season long on the NASCAR TV partners. It is what pops into your mind when you think NASCAR TV this season.

One example of a good moment might be Mike Joy calling the finish of the Daytona 500. An example of a bad moment might be Mike Massaro pressuring Dale Earnhardt Junior after he had just missed The Chase. Now, I think you might be getting the picture.

If you want some help, just peel back through the archived pages of The Daly Planet to remember Allen Bestwick and Randy Lajoie in Montreal, Brent Musburger in the Fan Zone at Daytona, or Rusty Wallace introducing us to Eric Amarillo. How about hip-hop at Pocono, TNT's Vampire Movie, or the infamous Draft Track? We even got email about Krista Voda's "Britney Spears" hat.

Some folks think Larry McReynolds hanging in there at Sonoma with no voice and sick as a dog was outstanding. But, in that same race we had the TV crew actually play-back an obscenity from Kyle Petty, the TNT in-car announcer. Who can forget that the team prayer came first?

This should be fun and we will be leaving this post up for two or three days to allow folks to come back and add more. All we ask is that in your post, you only name one good thing and one bad thing from the TV race broadcasts this season.

You can always come back and post again, but leave some fun for the others! If you get off-track, we will delete you and ask you to try again.

We had Mike Joy and company from Fox Sports, Bill Weber and his gang from TNT, Jerry Punch and the ESPN/ABC guys, and then Rick Allen and the SPEED crew on the Truck Series. These four groups should give everyone a chance to think back and dig-up two memorable moments for a good comment.

Once we are all done, I will add in my two cents and then try to put together a recap of your comments. This column will stay the lead through Wednesday, when we get to ask Steve Byrnes some TV questions.

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