Wednesday, November 21, 2007

As Dick Vitale Would Say: We Need A "T.O." Baby!

UPDATE: After the comments, I just had to add the pic. It is a small world.

A good coach knows when to call a time-out, so I am calling one right now.

This has been a non-stop run since February, and I certainly appreciate all of you coming along for the ride. This is a good time to take a couple of days and get back to the family and relax with some football.

The Daly Planet will return on Sunday with a new column and take the week to finish the topics that we need to review from the 2007 NASCAR season.

Then, we will begin a series where you can ask questions of different NASCAR TV personalities, and they will answer them...imagine that.

To start off, we are going to speak with Steve Byrnes, Randy Pemberton, and Wendy Venturini when the banquets are over. There will be three or four more names added to that list shortly. Start thinking of your questions for the first three.

Note: For those of you browsing this site for the first time, the comments section is still open on each column. Please feel free to add your opinion.

If you would like to pass along some Thanksgiving words to the hearty group of Daly Planet readers that have kept this site going all year long, this would be the place. I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful holiday, and we will see you on Sunday.

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Ask A TV Question - Get An Answer

Wednesday we will be back after a two week break with another session of Q&A about NASCAR TV topics.

UPDATE: Thank you for all the great questions and for the conversation. The Daly Planet will return on Sunday with a new column. Have a great holiday.

We will begin on Wednesday mid-morning and run through until Wednesday night.

This page will host the session, and it is being posted at this time so those of you with real lives can post your questions now, and then just check back to see if we have gotten you an answer.

Here are some notes before we start:
1 - There will be a NASCAR Images column shortly about the footage issues.
2 - We are still working to sort-out if we can continue this website for 2008.
3 - There will be a NASCAR Now end-of-season column up shortly.
4 - After Thanksgiving, we will be taking your questions for NASCAR TV announcers who have been nice enough to let us bother them off-season. Details will be out next week, but Steve, Randy...and yes...Wendy are in.
5 - The NEXTEL Cup banquet will air Friday, November 30th from 9 to 12PM Eastern Time on ESPN Classic. It will then re-air on ESPN2 from midnight Eastern until 3AM.

So, there you go. To post your question, just click on the COMMENTS button below and follow the instructions. Please take the time to read through the questions already asked so we do not have duplicates. Thanks again, this will be fun to do before the holiday when we take a brief break.