Saturday, October 22, 2011

Live Blogging Camping World Trucks in Talladega (SPEED - 3:30PM ET)

It's the preview to the big show on a track that was never meant for the truck series, but here we go again. SPEED is at Talladega for a Saturday afternoon drafting contest.

Krista Voda hosts the Set-up at 3:30PM ET to get things started. Ray Dunlap and Hermie Sadler are her reporters. Rick Allen, Phil Parsons and Michael Waltrip will come along at 4PM for the live race.

This is a tough track for trucks. A lot of these teams are not big dollar and time in the wind tunnel and all the slick aero tricks are left for just a handful of trucks. Sometimes, it makes for a boring runaway of a race, but sometimes circumstances work out and keep things exciting.

SPEED always puts on a good TV show and this race should be a good one. The camera angles at Talladega, when worked correctly, make it exciting. After the tragedy of last weekend, one hope is for a safe race. Trucks on this track have always been a bit of an odd fit.

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