Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Digger Comic Books On Sale Now

Digger has jumped off the TV screen and left the NASCAR merchandise trailers. He is now a comic book star. The good news is that his adventures are on sale right now.

This update on Digger from Westfield Comics:

Fox's beloved animated NASCAR mascot makes his four-color comic book debut right here! The race-loving gopher and his family and friends (and nemesis) are featured in two accessible, all-ages, stand alone stories per issue in this four-part miniseries that will be heavily supported by Fox.

Originally priced at $3.99, this four-part miniseries is now on sale for $3.19. Click here and be the first to write a review of this new series.

No word on if or when Cletus, the NFL on Fox robot will make his comic book debut.

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College Fund For David Poole's Grandson

Those of you who read and heard the words of the late David Poole on NASCAR often got some additional family information. Poole was smitten with his young grandson Eli and often spoke about him both in print and on his Sirius Satellite Radio show.

Wednesday, this item was passed along on Jayski:

Since his passing eight weeks ago, the inspiration of David Poole's legacy has been quite prevalent. Countless memories have been shared and personal tributes written. In those tributes, it was clear the sport of auto racing held a significant place in David's heart.

But it was also clear his inner-joy came from his two-year-old grandson, Eli. We all find balance and escape in different ways. Poole found his in Eli. With the support of many industry people as well as Katy Poole, David's wife, a college fund has been established for Eli. The hope here is that Eli will be afforded the opportunity to embark on his own successful career, and - all the while - truly understand how much his PawPaw meant to the NASCAR community.

The college fund for Eli is established at the Bank of Stanly in Oakboro, N.C. Donations can be sent to the following address:
Eli Samuel Ross
Bank of Stanly
Attn: Misty Nordan
P.O. Box 539
Oakboro, NC 28129
Phone: 704.485.3435
(Please make checks payable to "Eli Ross Account" at Bank of Stanly.)

Thanks to Jay for passing this information along. With all of the stories unfolding in the sport this season, it is especially difficult not to read and hear David's unvarnished opinions on the NASCAR world.

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