Saturday, August 29, 2009

Carl Edwards Crashes Heavily In Montreal Grand Am Warm-up

SPEED came on the air at 2PM with amazing footage of Carl Edwards crashing his Grand Am car on the warm-up lap of the Saturday race in Montreal.

The race is now delayed for the cleap-up as rain threatens the area. Edwards appeared to be uninjured, but as of 2:10PM had not yet been interviewed on TV.

We will open this short thread until we get all the details of the incident and confirm that Edwards is OK.

Update 1: Edwards is uninjured and advises that his tires were cold and he was aggressive on his warm up lap. SPEED replay shows left rear tire touch a painted line on the track under power and spin the car into a barrier.

Update 2: Race is now underway on SPEED on a dreary looking day in Montreal that may again involve rain. Great coverage from SPEED of all the events happening before and during the start.

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