Friday, March 23, 2012

Talking NASCAR TV/Media On SIRIUSXM Press Pass

With all the digital issues and TV topics going on this week, it was nice of the folks at SIRIUSXM to ask me to be on the weekly Press Pass show this Saturday at 12:30PM ET.

Jim Noble is the host and Lee Spencer from FOX Sports will also be featured on the program that begins at 11AM ET.

If you have SIRIUSXM, I invite you to listen. For the past several years, we have been advocates of getting the NASCAR radio signals of all kinds available online. Over the past couple of weeks, both MRN and PRN have done just that for free.

Now, SiriusXM has made the NASCAR channel available, but not without some hoops through which listeners must jump. That will certainly be part of the discussion.

We welcome your comments before, during and after the program. I will follow-up in the comments section with a recap of what we discussed for those (like me) without SIRIUSXM service. Thanks as always.