Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sprint Pit Crew Challenge Is Tape-Delayed On SPEED

Update: Please use this post to offer your opinions of the Pit Crew Challenge on SPEED.

The Sprint Pit Crew Challenge tonight in Charlotte has three times to remember. The early behind-the-scenes activity began at 4:30PM. The doors opened to the public for the competition at 7PM. Finally, the same day tape-delayed TV show aired on SPEED at 9PM.

This situation may be familiar to some, as this was discussed last year with all the same questions being asked. The actual competition is made for the fans in the stands, not for TV. In order to get a TV program that makes sense for viewers, SPEED and the NASCAR Media Group have to re-organize and edit some portions as well as add some production elements.

SPEED and FOX have familiar faces working on the program in front and behind the camera. The end result has gotten better every year and this season is seems that all systems are go for another good show.

Please leave us a comment on the program. Thanks to Dustin Long from Landmark Newspapers provide the picture.

Hall Of Fame Inductee Pictures

Recently, some pictures of several of the Hall of Fame inductees were posted on the TDP Facebook page. In order not to exclude those readers who do not use Facebook, here are those pictures. We hope to add some more during the week. Click directly on the pictures to see them full-size. Right click to save.

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