Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Tuesday Saga of "NASCAR Now" on ESPN2

Could someone please help those of us in the dark about what happened to the early edition of NASCAR Now on Tuesday?

Those of us who use the DVR for this program were surprised to find it did not air due to a strange combination of circumstances. It seems that breaking news and then SportsCenter took this timeslot.

If The Daly Planet readers who were viewing this program live and followed the happenings could post their account of what occurred on this page, the rest of us would all be very grateful to you.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for the late re-air of this show, but there was nothing in the 9PM timeslot that was mentioned as a replacement airing.

Thanks again to all of you for your help with this interesting TV issue.

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If someone from ESPN is reading this, could you email editor@thedalyplanet.tv? I will post the issues that caused these schedule changes so everyone is on the same page. Thanks again.