Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ever Wonder What Happened To Bobby Ginn?

Here is a little press release from our friends at the Golf Channel that may suggest some Tuesday night TV viewing for those NASCAR folks victimized by this man:

Bobby Ginn was a real estate mogul who developed numerous resorts and communities during the real estate boom in the 1990's. His Ginn communities were marketed as the ultimate in upscale golf luxury, and Ginn parlayed his sponsorship of professional golf tournaments - including the Ginn Championship at Hammock Beach, the Ginn Open at Reunion and the Ginn sur Mer Classic at the Conservatory - to lure investors. Now, with unfinished clubhouses and neighborhoods in foreclosure, he is thought to be hiding out in the Bahamas. A whistle blower will sit down with GOLF CHANNEL’s Rich Lerner to discuss the real estate bust and what it means to the world of golf.

The title of this TV series is Golf in Americe and it will air Tuesday night at 10PM ET for thirty minutes. Ginn's victims are scattered all over the world and come from all walks of life. Ginn's foray into NASCAR was a disaster that left many people unemployed and hard feelings scattered throughout the racing world.

TV host Rick Lerner should offer some interesting conversation on just how this implosion happened and what Ginn's fate may be once authorities catch-up with the one time real estate mogul.

Click here for the Wikipedia page on Ginn.

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