Saturday, September 4, 2010

Live Blogging Nationwide Series From Atlanta (ESPN2 - 6:30PM ET)

College football season is here and the Nationwide Series is the only appearance of NASCAR on ESPN2 today. SPEED handled the practice and qualifying coverage from the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The ESPN2 football game kicked-off at 3:30PM and the NNS pre-race is scheduled for 6:30PM. This has not gone well in the past for NASCAR on ESPN2. It will be Allen Bestwick, Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty manning the Infield Pit Studio today. Tim Brewer will be in the Tech Garage.

Bestwick is one of the best in the TV business at dealing with adversity and changing circumstances. He may get his wish depending on how the football game pans out toward the end. Many times over the last three seasons, the pre-race show has been completely preempted by football.

Once things finally get underway, it will be Marty Reid, Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree calling the action from the TV booth. Dr. Jerry Punch, Jamie Little, Mike Massaro and Dave Burns will cover the action from pit road.

This race looks like it will be dominated once again by the cross-over Sprint Cup Series drivers. Look for them to be the focus during the pre-race and the race coverage. ESPN loves stars and the Cup guys are happy to step-up.

Coverage at Atlanta is a challenge. The big track spreads out the field quickly and the accidents are fast and big. In-car cameras anywhere but the backstretch used live are a big risk to missing key action. Aerial shots are wonderful at the facility.

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Live Blogging Day Shift From AMS (SPEED 11AM - 6:30PM ET)

Update: Sometimes, things happen on TV that just make you shake your head. John Roberts had one of those momenents at AMS today during NASCAR Live.

Mike Joy and John Roberts will be hosting SPEED's coverage of Saturday activities from the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Joy will handle on the track action and Roberts will host the SPEED Stage programs.

The complete schedule for the day is located on the right side of the TDP page. Joy will team with Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds while Roberts will have Hermie Sadler alongside. Reporters today will include Wendy Venturini, Matt Yocum and Bob Dillner.

Atlanta is proving to be very abrasive to tires in practice and the story of the day may be again about Goodyear. At this time of the season, the focus also changes to The Chase and the hype about who is in and who is out. Expect this to be the theme for ESPN this weekend.

It will be nice to see Mike Joy back on TV and not forced into the FOX scenario of letting Darrell Waltrip dominate the telecasts. Joy is the top NASCAR TV pro and he certainly can make daytime practice and qualifying coverage interesting to fans on this challenging day. Lots of other sports and TV options are out there, SPEED really has to deliver to keep viewers.

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