Friday, January 18, 2008

John Kernan Comes Out Swinging

Normally, we do not cover a lot of the NASCAR radio scene, but this story deserves a little bit of attention. It certainly got ours.

A while back, we wrote about TV and radio veteran John Kernan moving to Chicago for some very positive personal reasons.

After hosting The Driver's Seat on Sirius Satellite radio, the decision was made that Kernan could not continue the show from the Chicago area, and would be let go.

In a Sirius Backstage Forum entry from late November, Kernan said "I did not get scooted out. I did ask about the possibility of continuing to do The Driver's Seat from my new home, but it did not fit PRN's (Performance Racing Network's) plans." He want on to add, "I'm OK with that."

As most fans know, PRN is a radio group controlled by Bruton Smith's Speedway Motor Sports Inc. The other radio production group is MRN, the Motor Racing Network, which was founded by the France family and is a NASCAR/International Speedway Corp. entity. Between those two, they dominate the radio coverage of the sport.

The final player in this scenario is Sirius Satellite Radio, the NYC-based company that has the satellite radio rights to the races, and provides 24 hour NASCAR programming. It should be mentioned right here that I have been a guest on Sirius without compensation over the last season. Just to keep things square, I even paid for the phone call.

About two months after Kernan's fond farewell in the Sirius Forum, he returned. This time, there was definitely no joy in Mudville. It was January, and Kernan was not a happy camper about what he was hearing. Below is the content of his first post, on a thread that he originated.

"Now some of you may think this is sour grapes, but I left The Drivers Seat of my own free will, almost. But, has anyone else noticed that the three daily (Sirius NASCAR) shows are now dominated by MRN, which is owned by ISC, which is controlled by the France family, which by the way controls NASCAR?" asked Kernan.

"I've been listening to all the shows and at the risk of never working in a NASCAR related field again, has anyone else noticed that the slant has changed?" he continued. "I mean, now the top 35 is all good, NASCAR never does anything wrong and they even floated the trial balloon this morning for pay-per-view. As I said in another (forum) thread, I'm glad I got out while the gettin' was good!"

As if things could not get any stranger, Kernan closed with this comment. "One of these days I'll reveal what really happened with my departure, but not right now."

Needless to say, Kernan's words soon attracted some comments from the other Sirius contributors. You may recognize the first one, his name is David Poole.

Here is Poole responding to Kernan's comments about journalists working on the radio and "trained broadcasters" being the victims.

"As the only newspaper reporter currently working as a full-time host on Sirius, I guess that is primarily directed at me. As far as I know, John, you and I have never competed for a job in radio. But, if somebody is looking for a radio broadcaster they should hire you. But, if somebody is looking to put a person on-the-air who has knowledge about the sport to share with people who're listening, then I am willing to put myself up against you on that score any time, any place."

But, Kernan was not done. He challenged Poole and his broadcast partner about their on-air "slant" again, which Kernan believes is now pro-NASCAR. Poole responded, "don't try to stake out any kind of moral or ethical high ground on me, John. I promise you, that's a battle you won't win."

Next to drop-by was Dave Moody, the MRN and Sirius veteran. He was not happy about having his credibility questioned. This is his response to Kernan.

"It's not enough to impugn people's integrity based on how it appears on the surface. You owe it to the good and conscientious people that work on Sirius NASCAR Radio to have your facts straight before making this kind of allegation," said Moody.

"You imply that I and the rest of the Sirius NASCAR Radio hosts are being controlled by NASCAR; a groundless charge that is categorically untrue. You hosted a program on Sirius NASCAR Radio for 12 months; a program that proudly called NASCAR on the carpet whenever you deemed it necessary. In all that time, did anyone from either NASCAR or Sirius attempt to silence you? Were you ever told that you could not talk about a specific topic? Were you ever forbidden from expressing an opinion? If not, you've got a lot of nerve accusing us of being handled any differently."

"It's insulting, John, and we deserve better. I find it curious that you were an enthusiastic supporter of Sirius NASCAR Radio, right up to the point where your own personal deal went south," said Moody. "A look through your previous posts proves that point, beyond all doubt. And yet, you now accuse your former colleagues of being nothing more than corporate mouthpieces for NASCAR and the network. Was this your true opinion all along? If so, you're a bigger sellout than you accuse us of being. And if not, you're the victim of a sour grapes overload."

Wow, who knew such things happened in NASCAR radio land? You can click here to read the whole thread, but the broader picture revealed by Kernan's comments is fascinating. Just like the TV networks who have to "play nice" in the NASCAR TV contract, the radio guys seem to have their own lines drawn in the sand.

PRN is located up at the Lowe's Motor Speedway, while MRN has just relocated from Daytona to Concord, NC. If the name of that town sounds familiar, it should. Just down the street from the new MRN the Lowe's Motor Speedway.

Kernan was clear in his assertions that he is now just another listener, and will come back and post again when he wants to voice his opinion. Moody and Poole were clear in saying that if anyone from NASCAR ever tries to make them say or not say something, they will walk. They were also clear in their views about Kernan.

All this is happening days before the Charlotte Media Tour, hosted by the gang at the Lowe's Motor Speedway. It will include ESPN, PRN and MRN personalities. For the first time, it will also be televised by SPEED.

It should be interesting to see if this issue is covered by SPEED or ESPN, and how all of the personalities and companies involved handle it.

So, we have the former host of a PRN-produced popular national radio show calling out the MRN personalities over their NASCAR credibility on Sirius. And to think we were all wound-up about whether Tim Brewer would be back pointing at lug nuts in the Tech Center.

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Anonymous said...

I don't blame Mr. Kernan for being quite upset, but his theory that because NASCAR owns MRN, MRN reporters lose crediblity is a tad bit far-fetched (UNLESS he knows something that the public does not). In that case, using an example from another sport, would reporters for the NFL Network have less crebility, even though they are often quite critical of the league's actions?

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised about this development at all. And I tend to believe John. Back in like 2005 or so, was purchased by some form of the France family or it's NASCAR-related groups(whether that's ISC, MRN or NASCAR itself, I'm not sure.) When this happened, Matt McLaughlin, a very good reporter who was often critical of NASCAR was fired. I know that on the message boards I frequented at the time, there was a large amount of anger about this firing and we all connected it to the change in ownership. Now there is still some criticism of NASCAR on RacingOne, but not much. In addition, take a look at When was the last time you saw a big article criticizing NASCAR?

And just to comment on David Poole. John Kernan has been covering NASCAR since 1991. I think that is more than enough to rank John on the same level of NASCAR knowledge as David, and he should know that. And David has been criticized lately by many people on his website that he has begun to tow the "NASCAR Line". So I think John's comments has some more validity there.

It's a shame that yet another veteran NASCAR reporter has probably been driven off the airwaves for good.

Sophia said...

Well I have no idea who Kernan is since I don't get, nor want "sirius radio" as Clear channel raises cain to get more leverage but I digress from reading media boards.

I do find this sad that this has all been on display on a MB. I don't know what to make of this.

And the personal cheap shots some poster took at Poole (who I ONLy know from some articles and brief appearances on tv)

I did disagree with Pooles big article "ESPN has enough equipment to land the SPACE SHUTTLE".

It was all I could do to say I only wanted a grilled cheese and to watch the race. NOT watch a landing of the shuttle but I left well enough alone.

I should learn alot about all the folks mentioned on the boards from the savvy posters here with Sirius.

Thanks for the column John...but I must say, I felt like I was reading a tabloid MB. Hope the boys get it worked out.

Anonymous said...

I bought my Sirius radio when NA$CAR moved to Sirius. Since then, all the reporters there have turned into shills for NA$CAR. I am listening less and less.

Kernan's point about the top-35 is well taken. Sirius thinks it is wonderful. Most fans seem to disagree. Maybe the "reporters" should take an unbiased look...oh no, they would be fired if they tried to be honest...I understand...I'll just listen less to the daily stuff and wait for the racing coverage.

Yes, the "reporters'" integrity is being themselves. They are strictly shills for NA$CAR.


Larry in Florida

Anonymous said...

I have maintained the MRN / ISC / NASCAR controlled theory for a long time. Now each and every Sirius talk show has an MRN host.
Mike Bagley, Steve Post and Dave Moody all are MRN / ISC employed.
Despite what they claim, they are on a national radio show and have to "tow the company line". They will never blast any ISC facility. policy or procedure. Why? - the France family would have them removed quickly.
Thankfully David Poole is an independent NOT employed by MRN / ISC / NASCAR and they do not control him. He can speak freely and openly.
The comment about the RACING ONE website is true too. That site is owned and controlled by ISC. Do you think they will blast an ISC track ie: California for it's poor attendance? It will never happen.

Anonymous said...

I no longer go to because of its utter lack of criticism in recent months/years of NASCAR. I read where some one called them NAZICAR and it is seemingly true. I bet someone tried to silence John and this just reinforces the direction "NAZICAR" is going. When did they become like a communist regime and felt the need to control the major news outlets? Probably about the time the ratings started dropping and the fans came disguised as empty seats--including this fans.

Anonymous said...

I watched John Kernan for many years host the now sadly defunct RPM 2Nite, and never found his reporting anything but unbiased and fair, presenting both sides of any issue. He has also been in the business long enough to be prepared for the ups and downs involved without taking it as a personal affront. He isn't the only one who has noticed that any media outlet that has any connection to Nascar/ISC is NOT in the business of finding anything to criticize about Nascar, or any decisions they make, unless they are basically meaningless, or directly driver related...NOT part of the sanctioning body. It seems to me that, once again, Nascar and it's satellites think that the fans are too stupid to make informed decisions for themselves. Shouting loudly about how fair and unbiased you are doesn't make it so. The protestations that "all is well in Nascar land' seem pretty silly in the face of falling ratings and attendance, don't they? Blaming everthing and everyone (Dale Junior, for instance) except those responsible for making the radical decisions that have significantly changed to whole focus of the sport in recent years would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

I also find it interesting that david Poole sees nothing wrong with telling fans how uninformed and stupid they are, yet seems to feel insulted when his own opinions and judgement are called into question. Maybe he understands how fans feel when he does the wame thing to them.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who has watch NASCAR for more than three years has seen the shift. They all seem/sound like they are on the NASCAR payroll. If I hear one more time during a broadcast, "Thank God for NASCAR and its safety initiatives" I think I will puke. It only took E Sr's death to do what they should have after Petty, Irwin and Roper. Though I hate gardening, that is where you will find me on Sundays this year.

Anonymous said...

John Kernan is dead right on about this NASCAR stuff. NASCAR has so much influence over the sport if these writers don't take up the NASCAR cross and follow them, then they are put aside. My only wish is that these guys will someday see the light.

amy said...

I would never imagine John Kernan being anything but honest in his assessments. It is no secret among the thinking that things are not what they seem in NASCAR land. Since Sir Brian took over the castle, it seems the drawbridge has been drawn and the moat filled with alligators, while inside, all the underlings are bowing and scraping, telling Sir Brian exactly what he wants to hear. If they happen to say anything remotely negative, it is only because he has given them permission.

But then, isn't that what all dictators do? And we all know that Sir Brian is truly a dictator. But we also know that dictatorships never last, and his won't either,especially if he keeps drinking those "cokes" and having trees jump out and hit his car.

These days, I have trouble watching the broadcasts of the races, much less the other senseless yapping that passes for race shows. I prefer to get my news here or from Jayski; it's quick, to the point, and I don't have to look at Spencer and Wallace acting the fools.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of John Kernan and wish he was back on TV with someone. That being said, I have been reading David Poole ever since he replaced the retiring Tom Higgins at the Observer and i just can't imagene David bowing to what anyone says, he is for the most part one of the most outspoken reporters i hve read. I have been following this sport for al,ost 50 years and it is constantantly changing and people disagree about the changes. Give Poole time and he will disagree with Nascar sooner than later!!!

PPistone said...

I find this conspiracy theory both humorous and ludicrous. As a regular contributor to Sirius mainly on my weekly segment with Dave Moody, I have never been told to tone anything down or not speak about anything deemed critical. Nor have I heard any of my colleagues who work regular shifts at Sirius told to stifle their views or opinions (have you listened to Moody or Poole people). The thought that NASCAR or ISC somehow is stopping free speech on the sport on the channel is ridiculous. And as the article pointed out, Mr. Kernan's comments on the Backstage message board were fiercely denied by several of the main Sirius hosts and reporters. As is the continuing theory that when ISC purchased we were told to let Matt McLaughlin go because of the critical nature of his writing at times. As we said at the time and continue to say now, that is nowhere near the truth. There were many changes when new ownership took over the site but losing Matt was not a mandate from anyone. It was an editorial and financial decision plain and simple. And we've never been told in more than two years by anyone not to write critically or honestly about the sport, the same mantra I'm confident abounds at Sirius NASCAR Channel 128.

Anonymous said...

I found this thread yesterday and was a little surprised by Kernan's comments. Yes, out of all the Sirius hosts he was the most outspoken against NASCAR, but challenging the integrity of the other hosts for not having the same opinion was petty. His current situation doesn't help the perception.

Dave Moody has been openly and consistently critical of certain NASCAR policies. David Poole can be always be counted on to speak his mind. Both these guys are honest when saying they would hit the road if censored.

After listening to the radio broadcasts last year, I would have to say that, if anything, the PRN guys use more diplomatic language and skirt more issues than MRN.

Look at the way ESPN's gang ignores obvious problems and toes the company line. It makes MRN look like Berkeley in the 60's. And we know ESPN doesn't care what NASCAR thinks.

Anonymous said...

It does not surprise me in the least to see this sort of thing develop. How many times have we seen the guys in the broadcast booth fumble all over themselves to make sure they make NASCAR look good and the opinions of others are wrong? So I guess it happening in radioland would be the same. It's no secret but there are so many in print media and other media outlets who tow the NASCAR line.. (NOTE: Im not calling Poole or Moody!)This is why NASCAR is struggling with credibility, among other things. Race fans are not dumb to NASCAR'S iron-fisted rule, and that is probably yet another reason viewership and race attendance is down. Fans are tired of the bs.


elena said...

"It should be interesting to see if this issue is covered by SPEED or ESPN, and how all of the personalities and companies involved handle it."

I don't think they should cover it at all. John Kernan sounds like a bitter, vindictive, out of work malcontent, and I sure would not give him a platform to spew any more venum. Don't give him attention. It's like answering "When did you stop beating your wife?"

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I can say that Dave Moody does not favor the rule of 35. I have gone toe-to-toe (I support the rule of 35). with him on this in the past. Jeff Burton, who supports the rule, and would make it the rule of 40 if he could, has also argued with Moody on this.

In his accusations, I guess Kernan is hoping that listeners don't know the facts, and so he can blast Moody with lies.

Since I know Kernan has lied about this, it makes me wonder what else he is willing to lie about just to get attention.

Anonymous said...

These sorts of claims have more credibility when they do not come from the proverbial "disgruntled former employee."

Kernan may be right; but he comes off as sour grapes in this case.

He's certainly playing right to the unhappy NASCAR fan who is certain that NASCAR is the Wizard Behind the Curtain and will now read his material and say, "See! I knew it! They control everything!"

Problem is, they don't control everybody, and Poole is among the best reporters covering the sport today. I know him, and I know he absolutely would not tolerate being told how to "spin" stories or what to say.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pistone, you and your clique of people on Sirius' NASCAR channel is one of the reasons I quit listening when "The Driver's Seat" was taken off the air! I quit listening to the show with David Poole and Dave Moody when I noticed that their opinions against NASCAR would do a 180 after a period of time. Basically you all just suck up to NASCAR and I am tired of the sport, tired of MRN, tired of Brian France! When and if Sirius starts charging for packages of channels (which is what they have said they will do if they are allowed to merge with XM), I can guarantee you that I have no desire to shell out an extra penny for the NASCAR corporate line!

I have no doubt that Kernan is telling the truth. I remember something being said on the air that the hosts were called on the carpet for being to harsh to NASCAR. No conspiracy theory (or black helicopters, a tired adage used on the morning and afternoon shows)...just the plain truth!

Anonymous said...

John Kernan is 'dead on' on this one. I have been following NASCAR since the 1970's and have admired and enjoyed listening and watching many of the professional broadcasters that have brought the sport to 'home'. The decay of NASCAR began when HRH Brian France took the reigns.
Remember - A successful company starts with the 1st generation, it then grows with the 2nd generation and then is usually destroyed by the 3rd generation!

Lastly - Although Craftsman is leaving the truck series, there is a place that their motto will be continued on:
MRN, SPEED TV, Jimmy Spencer, John Roberts, and even DW are now the 'Official Tools of NASCAR'!

Anonymous said...

Guy loses his job, then accuses pople still working of being corporate shills.

Of course, HE wasn't one. No, sir.

Just everyone else.

Anonymous said...

screw it, I hope John Kernan goes back and does more NHRA drag racing. He was great in the second part of last year on ESPN!

Anonymous said...

Poole is a jerk! The drivers walk the NASCAR line of they get called to the NASCAR trailer for a very early morning meeting, just look at how Tony Stewart changed his tune after the meeting and he's not a direct employee of NASCAR. If you are in any way paid by NASCAR, the same applies, walk the NASCAR line or I bet your butt is gone!!! NASCAR SUCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are in any way paid by NASCAR, the same applies, walk the NASCAR line or I bet your butt is gone!!!


Poole's not paid by NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

While I have no personal interest in this squabble, I have to wonder why Mr. Kernan felt the need for this attack and "the truth will be known later" hint. If he felt the need for the first, why not tell all?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember the former show "PIT BULLS" on SPEED ?

That show was taken off the air by Brian France himself due to harsh negative on air comments from reporters.

They were very aggressive and hit issues hard and to the fact - and now the shown is gone.

Anonymous said...

Who can NASCAR control? Let's see... Moody and crew, Bagley, Post, Pistone,, Racing One, MRN (and their Sirius partnership)ESPN, FOX, TNT are somewhat controlled by the NASCAR hierarchy All are a part of NASCAR or ISC thus their credibility is somewhat questionable.

Poole works for the Charlotte Observer - they can't control him, Mulhern - Winston Salem Journal, Pockrass - NASCAR Scene which is not controlled by NASCAR So the print journalists have more credibility and are not in bed with NASCAR

Anonymous said... is not owned by NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

Since I know Kernan has lied about this, it makes me wonder what else he is willing to lie about just to get attention.


Attention is what it's all about, especially with the "I can't tell you now" crap.

As was said above, it's funny how, when he was working, everything was just fine (and he never did what NASCAR told him to do), but now that he's been released, everyone in the buiness must bend to NASCAR's will.

Anonymous said... is not owned by NASCAR but its content is absolutely controlled by NASCAR.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Hey all,

Thanks for the interesting comments. I am not very big into NASCAR radio, so this certainly was a learning experience.

Turner Interactive in Atlanta runs, and just picked-up the website as well. Mr. Poole is not a NASCAR employee, as I believe he will be quick to point out.

Mr. Kernan will be back on the NHRA telecasts in 2008 working as a reporter.

One issue with Sirius at present is the fact they cannot stream their NASCAR programming online, so subscribers can listen directly from their PC or laptop. Sirius advised me they are working on this issue and hope to have a resolution in the future.

The program Mr. Kernan hosted for PRN that aired on Sirius, "The Driver's Seat," was ended and replaced with a new NASCAR show.

Hope that helps with details and clears up any outstanding issues.


Anonymous said...

John Kernan was "old school NASCAR" as was his co-host at times Buddy Baker. They were not politicaly correct all the time and this may have been their demise.

New host Steve Post is an MRN guy and Chocolate Meyers is great but he goes out of the way to make statements that NASCAR is great.

Anonymous said...

We can all protest by watching less NASCAR, which is not a hard thing to do these days.

Anonymous said...

"Poole works for the Charlotte Observer - they can't control him, Mulhern - Winston Salem Journal, Pockrass - NASCAR Scene which is not controlled by NASCAR So the print journalists have more credibility and are not in bed with NASCAR"

There's an easy way to control any of these gentlemen. Access in the form of credentials can be denied at any time, whenever NASCAR feels like it. Look at the vieled threat that was made to Stewart when he called them out on the phantom debris cautions. If they are willing to park a major driver do you honestly think that they would hesitate to pull creds for reporters? As far as Poole goes, I used to be a fan of his, but he has become a major jerk to anyone who doesn't agree with him. I also have seen a bit of a turnaround in his criticism toward NASCAR and King Brian. I have been watching/attending NASCAR races since 1978 when my grandfather took me to my first race at the legendary (and greatly missed) Southern 500. This year will be the first year that I will not attend a race and I will also not be watching live on TV. I will burn the races to DVD and then watch them later (skipping all of the commercials and the fluff that is wedged into the coverage now) because my wife and I took the money that we would have used for the Darlington and one of the LMS races and bought season tickets to our local minor league baseball team. We bought two seats behind homeplate for the entire season and still have a good bit of cash left over. That's how fed up we are with the situation of NASCAR. They have successfully run off a loyal fan since '78. Now we just have to figure out what we're gonna do with all of the extra cash that we budget for the other LMS race, Atlanta and Richmond races......

Anonymous said...

We can all protest by watching less NASCAR, which is not a hard thing to do these days.

Unless you have a Neilsen ratings meter or diary, no one's going to know you're not watching.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...


If you get a chance, come back and repost without that last line. Thanks, your thoughts are welcome.

Newracefan said...

As someone who has dealt with the reprecussions of a disgruntled formed employee I am skeptical of Mr. Kernan's statements. That said I am sure there is a little truth in there somewhere. Any large company would encourage their employees to speak the company line in public as they work to change it in private. Smart employees know how far to push and how much of a differing opinion to admit too. Thesse are non Nascar employees and media/reporters etc.are expected to report information without bias. If all the information is slanted the report will be slanted. If it is a opinion piece, anyone is entitled to there opinion. I don't always agree with David Poole (I don't do Nascar radio but I do read Nascar articles) but I won't insult him for his and that's where where Kernan went wrong. He got to specific, just expressing a concern that there didn't seem to be as much debate about rights and wrongs of Nascar on Sirius would have been enough without all the othere stone throwing

Vince said...

As a 45 year fan on Nascar, let me add my 2 cents. I think MOST media members, print, radio, Internet and tv all suck up to Nascar and toe the company line. They can say they are independent, but the truth is they know Nascar will jerk their credentials in a heartbeat if they don't toe the company line. As long as the sport is run as a dictatorship controlled by the France family it will be this way. So Poole, Moody and the rest can all say they speak their minds openly, but the truth is they know who puts the bread on their tables. Nascar.......

You go John Kernan!

Sophia said...

well, this is all a bummer but I know I have griped here for MONTHS that JD, and a small handful of others, were the only ones to be critical of NASCAR and allowing the putrid coverage on PSPN.

As much as I enjoy SPEED, (I like hearing behind the scenes scoop on drivers, car issues ands tuff) I hate how they fawn all over Helton and France and praise NASCAR all the time. I know it's in their best interest not to..but geez.

If I cut back on tv viewing, we will be cutting out digital cable which includes SPEED if we can't get more balanced coverage. Well, maybe not because then my room mate could not F1 races! *sigh*

But this whole NASCAR IS GREAT mentality is quite sad. The horrible calls made at races, NASCAR officials appearing 'clueless and lost'. Let's see, off the top of my head, the mess at Montreal, the race that Biffle won due to rain delay and no lights...that race got shorter and shorter and then BOOM, suddenly over ??? Kyle Busch getting totally screwed by Pitroad light penalty (and I don't even like KB but hey, I don't like the whole "let's make up the rules as we go along either" with NASCAR.

It's all a shame that TPTB "SEE" that things are great and all is well. :(

Anonymous said...

They can say they are independent, but the truth is they know Nascar will jerk their credentials in a heartbeat if they don't toe the company line.
Believe it or not, the sport does need the sportswriters to cover them and doesn't just "jerk" credentials when they write something unflattering.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own opinion. Believe it or not, not everyone is going to always disagree with NASCAR. Majority may disagree with NASCAR at times, but some will always agree with them. To think NASCAR is controlling journalists opinions is completely a crock of crap.

Lets just forget about this mess. Watch the races and voice your opinion. Everyone has their own opinion. Some of you "fans" seem to blame everything on NASCAR lately. It seems like no one is happy anymore about anything and thats pretty sad.

Its always a risk when a company involved in NASCAR owns a media outlet.

Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy SPEED, (I like hearing behind the scenes scoop on drivers, car issues ands tuff) I hate how they fawn all over Helton and France and praise NASCAR all the time. I know it's in their best interest not to..but geez.

What SPEED Channel have you been watching?

Anonymous said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa! Isn't this the same site where people want NASCAR to step in and fix the TV problem? But your mad because you think NASCAR Controls the radio?


Anonymous said...

I listen to Sirius NASCAR radio, primarily Moody's show 3pm-7pm est. The following is my interpretation of his opinions.. He is against the top 35 rule and even more against callers calling in to "fix" the top 35 rule. He defends NASCAR's stance on Kentucky Speedway's lawsuit since he feels that if successful, it will hurt the sport in the future when other tracks want a race, they will sue to get one. He feels NASCAR should make it's own decisions regarding their product and where to market it. I really don't think he is towing the company line, rather he trusts that Brian France is wise enough to do what is best for the long term growth of the business. He generally backs rule changes to promote safety, but who wouldn't? He often times sides with drivers rights to privacy. Drivers off the track issues are deemed innocent until proven guilty. Mostly I'd say he calls things as he sees them, and the way he sees them usually is on the side of NASCAR, but there are plenty of exceptions if you listen daily. Lastly, I miss Kernan's show. It was far better than the new show which seems to me to be slanted highly toward DEI, RCR, and especially Dale Jr. This Chocolate Myers guy is so pro-RCR that he can't be objective if he had to be. The Dale Sr stories are plentiful. It gets old quick, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Several posts have said that since the hosts are not employed or paid by Nascar, they are not controlled by Nascar. With any dictatorship, the subjects know what they can or cannot do before they are subject to punishment. The hosts obviously toe the NASCAR line so they can continue to do their job regardless of who signs their paycheck.

I fear that this will continue until dropping ratings makes someone realize that the fans are not fools. I used to be an avid listener, reader or watcher of all things NASCAR but the constant propaganda that didn't reflect reality caused me to stop. I don't listen or watch anything other than some parts of some races. I don't go to any longer and follow through the internet only through and this blog.

Anonymous said...

I see one common thought here - many long time NASCAR fans are very unhappy. This explains the drop in TV ratings and attendance more so than ticket and motel costs.
NASCAR has it's work cut out for them and needs to win back the old school fans. Don't they realize this?

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the way John Kernan went about this. If you know something why not go ahead and say what what you know. I'm fan of John Kernan but this was handled all wrong. That said I do believe NASCAR does control what people say. And some people do take the company line too far (i.e. SPEED's John Roberts).

Anonymous said...

I see one common thought here - many long time NASCAR fans are very unhappy.

And they love to complain.

About everything.

It's no wonder NASCAR ignores them--they complain about everything all the time, and there's no sign that they can ever be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16pm said "many long time fans....they, they, they....
We "long time fans" were very "happy" for a long time. We "long time fans" have supported NASCAR (and their sponsors) for many years.
We "long time fans" are seriously disturbed and concerned about the current coverage of NASCAR and have earned the right to speak out for better programming.


Anonymous said...

"And they love to complain.

About everything.

It's no wonder NASCAR ignores them--they complain about everything all the time, and there's no sign that they can ever be satisfied."

Except that by and large the majority of fans were happy until recently. Record attendance, tv ratings, merchandise sales and industry growth reflected that. Of course some were new fans who tried it, stayed a season or two and left for other interests, but there's no way that were enough of them to create this much of a drop. Then the Daytona Ding Dong started changing too many things. And you're right, he doesn't listen and has continued to do it his way. Now that arrogance toward the fans is starting to show in spades. Everything is down. Oh wait, I forgot, it's not his policies and changes that's doing it, it was Dale Jr. not making the Chase that caused the ratings and attendance to drop. And of course souvenier sales are in the toilet because Jr. was switching teams. My mistake!

Anonymous said...

Boy, it sure seems to me that some of the "old" NASCAR fans are the most miserable people in the face of the earth. Complaints are never tempered with a good word.

Sure everything is not as I would have it, but I don't own this multi-billion dollar industry. I get so much enjoyment from sports. It's a wonderful time for friends and family to get together and barbeque or get pizzas, adult beverages and have fun with each other as we watch an event.

Years ago when we lived in the country and had no cable, we'd go to a sport's restaurant every Sunday. It was a huge place, like a barn. Had stuff for kids to do while adults watched their favorite sport. We moved, but the place is still going. Our group had about 30-40 friends. None of us drank the NASCAR Kood-Aid, but I tell you, we never griped the way many do on blogs.

For all those who hate NASCAR, that's fine. There are so many choices we all have. You can leave, but don't expect the drivers to leave with you. They've never had it so good. Even Tony. He's a multi-millionaire, but he wants more. If he really thinks NASCAR was like the WWE, and he stays, then it's his character that should be in question.

Like anon at 3:16 stated, some will never be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

WOW is all I can say about John Kernan not being on Sirius anymore.. I bought my Sirius radio in January of 07 for the NASCAR channel.. I thought it was awesome all of last year.. my favorite show was the Driver's Seat... I like the morning show but sometimes the fat man Poole would just get on my nerves cutting people off and calling them stupid.. If he ever spoke to me like that in person I would drop him... If you don't agree with him he gets pissed off and throws a fit, alot like the left wing whackos like Michael
I really enjoyed the shows last year and I sort of got bored after Homestead with the shows, I couldn't stand listening to everyone swoon over Jimmie Johnson. So I turned it off for a while.. Now that I am back and listening to it again, the afternoon shows pretty much suck... And who will actually call NASCAR out on their short-comings now??? The morning guys don't have the balls to call a spade a spade..

Listen up Sirius.. John Kernan was the best talent you had on the radio.. you should beg him to come back and give him his show.. the afternoon show is a lot like listening to Tim Brewer talk.. in other words, watching the paiint dry is more exciting....

Anonymous said...

marc said "I like the morning show but sometimes the fat man Poole would just get on my nerves cutting people off and calling them stupid.. If he ever spoke to me like that in person I would drop him... If you don't agree with him he gets pissed off and throws a fit, alot like the left wing whackos like Michael

Oh yes, and Bill O'lielly and Rush dumbbaugh or sean "Mr USA" hannity are so calm and rational when you disagree with them....


Daly Planet Editor said...

Hey all,

Let's try to address the subject at hand and let your views be known about NASCAR radio and Mr. Kernan's comments.

I would like to hear from more Sirius subscribers about their views as well. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sirius NASCAR radio is great for the "NASCAR Junkie". Withthat being said they have altered their programming - not necessarliy for the better.
Poole is very knowledgable and opinionated. He is not afraid to take a stand.
It would be great if they did merge and took on Claire B Lang from XM on board but she too is agressive and not part of the clique.
Moody seems to have a big head and dominate with his opinions.
The comment about Chocolate Meyers and his RCR stance is very true - he needs to tone it down. He is very pro NASCAR too.
John - why not try to get your voice heard on the other two talk shows as well - not just the Moody show.

Anonymous said...

It's probably hard for Chocolate to calm down his pro-RCR stance seeing as he worked at RCR for as long as I can remember. Wasn't he part of like 5 of Dale Sr. Championship teams?
Its the same with Crusty, he can't stop talking about the Blueduce all race, or get pissed off at Gordon for something.

Interesting development about John Kernan! I was just giving him props in another discussion in the dalyplanet.

Figures that pistone would show up here to complain about the way he handled the Matt McLaughlin firing. I' have been and will always be on Matt's side in that matter. He got screwed by King brian and pete cause he was real about NASCAR and where it was headed. Haven't clicked on racingone since. Or clicked on a pistone internet article either (no loss there).

Not being a listener of Sirus, I do read Poole on a regular basis, and have a hard time thinking anyone could tell him what to cover.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the fact that so many of us are agreeing with John's observations of Sirius Radio and NASCAR make a very stong indictment of NASCAR? NASCAR has a credibility problem and it started way before Sirius Radio was even on the air.

Tripp said...

Is it black helicopter season already?

I've been a Sirius subscriber since January 2007 and my radio rarely moves to any other channel so I'm a hard-core listener. Prior to the changes this year, I think the opinions voiced were pretty honest across the board. I don't believe that Snyder, Kernan or Moody ever pussyfooted when it came to criticizing NASCAR. And Poole? Hell no. He says what he thinks. Remember rule 17?

I can't comment on "The Morning Drive" for this year as I haven't listened very much. But I have heard "Tradin' Paint" enough to not want to listen much anymore. Bagley and Myers seem like wonderful people but they're just not that interesting. Regardless of when I tune in, the show generally sounds the same. I do respect Chocolate's position on the top 35 rule because he's put significant thought into it. In no way do I think his opinions are formed to please NASCAR.

The old "Driver's Seat" was a better show with more divergent opinions from the guest hosts. Ricky Craven had the most thoughtful opinion and Buddy was the most entertaining. Terry Cook, Johnny Benson and Randy LaJoi were always interesting and fun.

Always a Kernan fan, I was glad to hear him when I first fired up 128, but that waned in the months that followed. He was pretty vociferous in stating that his opinions were right and others were wrong and that got tiring before long. Ultimately, I'd listen almost in spite of Kernan because the guests were usually so good. When Rick Benjamin stepped in, I thought the show was just about perfect.

Given what I heard on "The Driver's Seat" on Kernan's watch, I'm not surprised by his recent comments. I don't know where he's getting his information, but he hasn't provided us with any facts. If NASCAR's manipulating Sirius, no one has offered a scintilla of proof, anecdotal or otherwise.

You can close those hanger doors now.

GinaV24 said...

I have a Sirius radio and I bought it primarily because of their coverage of NASCAR. I used to listen to The Morning Show but Poole and Snider annoy the heck out of me and it's too early in the day for my blood pressure to get so high, so I quit listening to their show since I tend to disagree with everything they say. Yes, I do believe that Snider is a shill for NASCAR and Poole is rude and obnoxious if you disagree with him. Unfortunately I was only able to catch John Kernan's show a few times, but I liked what I heard. I too remember him from RPM2Nite and he was really good then, too. I like the evening drive show with Dave Moody a lot. He and his crew are informative and I agree he is opposed to the top 35 rule, but in general is supportive of NASCAR's policies. However, he disagrees without being disagreeable and I can live with that. The trouble with the ownership of MRN being tied to ISC is that I do believe it influences the points of view being stated. How can it not? I used to read as well and I liked Matt. Pete Pistone can protest all he likes, but it is certainly NOT the same site it once was (actually Jayski isn't either now that it is owned by ESPN). I'm not sure why John Kernan would post comments that seem so different at different times. Like most of the NASCAR coverage these days, I have to pick and choose what I am willing to deal with as to whether or not it is of value to me. Also, I consider myself an intelligent consumer here, so if it annoys me enough, I will change the channel, just like I do with the morning drive.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Best line by Anon 11:41 AM:

"MRN, SPEED TV, Jimmy Spencer, John Roberts, and even DW are now the 'Official Tools of NASCAR'!"


Daly Planet Editor said...


Please post again without the colorful language. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I will say, having read the whole Sirius thread, Poole and Moody come off as 'overreacting' unpleasant people to me.

Kernan seems very level through out. While those two cats (and the other sirius employees that posted) are flipping out. I understand they thought it was a 'personal' slam against them. But mercy. chill out boys! If they'd just make their points without calling him out left and right, my opinion may be different after wading through the thread..

I also think Kernan could hold his own with Poole on anything NASCAR related.

I got a little sour grapes, but John K explained himself pretty well in later posts.

Seems like a TON of Sirius listeners over there (and here) will be miss hearing his show. I only read one post that was glad he was gone in 7 pages.
Sure livened up their discussion board though didn't it?!

P.S. Yikes J.D. that whole post deleted for one word that was even abbreviated? My original word in that sentence was how they truly came off...

Daly Planet Editor said...


From a literary perspective, I think you made it work even with the changes. One rule fits all on this blog. Hey, my mom reads it!


Anonymous said...

I got ya JD..

Sorry JD's mom!

I'll keep it in check!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moody, PPistone, and David Poole. Methinks thou dost protest too much.
Mr. Kernan is dead balls on in his observation. As a journalist one would think that you work for the public, not NASCAR. But time and time again you prove this is not the case. I sight this beauty from Mr. Poole as exhibit 1.
If the prevailing public opinion is there's something amiss, then I would expect you as a member of the "media" to keep digging until you find out why. There is no doubt that a large part of the fan base is unhappy with the current state of their sport. Why does it seem so hard to find members of the media searching for answers? The answer is simple. If you want to cover NASCAR you rely on the sanctioning body for access. Become too critical and that "priveledge" can be easily taken away. There have been too many examples (ESPN after the 2001 TV contracts, pit bulls on SPEED, Matt Mclaughlin at RacingOne) that prove to anybody watching or reading that this is the case.
Your livelyhood depends on you towing the company line. Your claims otherwise are laughable. NASCAR pulls the puppet strings and you dance.
Oh and by the way, we all know that those who rule with absolute power rarely have to display their power; after ruling long enough it's inferred. There's no doubt that NASCAR has proven on countless occasions that they hold all the cards in this hand. Please spare us from your declarations of "unbiased reporting" because the proof is in the pudding.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I listen to channel 128 all the time except when the Drivers seat or Tradin Paint are on. I think that The Morning Drive and Sirius Speedway are both great shows. I really didn't care for Marty Snider the Morning Drive seems to have a much better flow now with Bagman at the helm. I think David Poole and Dave Moody are both very imformative and opionated. I picked up from the very beginning that it seemed like John Keernan had a axe to grind with Nascar and Espn. I would Like to tell the people at The Morning Drive and Sirius Speedway to keep up the good work. Also sorry JD for the last line of my first post it was uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

John left because PRN wouldnt let him do the show from his home. Stephanie Durnan was let go too from PRN for the same thing. She moved to Flordia and PRN wouldnt let her do a remote. PRN is much more controlling than MRN ever has been. Bruton and Humpy wanted their own radio coverage of their races and that is all they will ever have. If they would get rid of Doug Rice, they might have a decent show, but he is a joke and a puppet for Bruton.

Anonymous said...

I'm completely with Kernan on this one.

You can't tell me that control doesn't equal positive press, whether that control involves direct payment, access to events, or access to drivers. As long as ISC, NASCAR, MRN, and now Sirius have this intertwined relationship, my first instinct will always be to take any story, report or opinion as company PR, just for entertainment use rather than unbiased reporting.

Whenever I hear or read Poole, I wonder how someone can have so much knowledge of NASCAR and still make so many statements that I completely disagree with. The article linked by j is a prime example.

If Poole isn't on NASCAR's paroll, then they're getting a great deal by having him as a volunteer spokesman (a.k.a. corporate shill).

As a side note - I hope that Daly Planet v2.0 will require registration. The most provocative comments usually seem to come from our friend Mr. anonymous and I wonder if some of these same statements would be made if there had to be a name attached - even just a nickname.

Anonymous said...

There's an easy way to control any of these gentlemen. Access in the form of credentials can be denied at any time, whenever NASCAR feels like it.


I have had Sirius since last Christmas (2006) and have listened almost exclusivly to 128 since. Weeks ago, I began to feel some of the changes Kernen speaks of. I have always felt Moody was a shill. Yes, he disagrees about the top 35, but who (aside from Poole) doesn't? That is a "safe" area to disagree. When it comes to certain topics (lawsuit) they must absolutely tow the line. Recently, Mike Bagley took over the morning show from Marty Snider. Since that time, I have noticed a distinct difference in how the show is managed. One prime example was some time back when Bagley and Poole were talking to Ken Squire about Daytona etc. At the end of the interview, Squire asked the hosts what they saw as the problem with NASCAR today in terms of racing (versus coverage etc.). Bagley was very quick to say that it would be discussed in the future....end of topic.
As a longtime radio guy, I get maybe that time was an issue, but I also know, that coming from a guy of the stature of Ken Squire, I REALLY want to get into that conversation with him.
As of now, each show has a company guy (MRN/PRN) as host or cohost. When I started listening, only one show had a company host, who I rarely listened to. The company guys are GREAT at calling races-at this time there really are none better. But when it comes to opinions, I cannot expect employees to be unfettered in what they say.
I am glad this came up. I have always had a problem with the "Yes" men when they are outside their primary duty-calling races. This is just one more step towards giving less outlet to legitimate opinions and one more step for me away from a sport I have watched for 25 years.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

my biggest problem with all of this is people's desire to complain. they feel that if they don't hear a radio or TV host blurt out the same complaints that they have, that they're corporate shills.

I've been a Sirius Nascar listener for a year now. Listen during drive time so I normally didn't get to hear Kernan's show. When I did get to hear it, I tended to like it though I found Moody's show the best...and still do.

I have my issues with Nascar but for the most part, I'd prefer to listen to the hosts discuss the current topics. Not blather on and on about their ongoing complaints. I mean really, how boring and annoying does it get listening to people complain all the time? Moody and Co. play the beating a dead horse sound whenever a listener calls in to suggest an alternative to the top 35 rule. They don't do it because they're trying to protect Nascar, they do it because the subject is stupid and makes for terrible radio!!!! I personally love when they do it because if they let the caller go on about it, I'd switch over to my iPod until I felt it was safe to go back. I believe that is a radio hosts primary objective. To keep us listening!!!

Kernan may have some valid points and none of us personally know what transpired between he and Sirius but his post came off as BIG TIME sour grapes.

Nascar has been a big, thin skinned bully for 60 years. This is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

I distinctly remember listening to one of the Sirius Nascar shows last season when one of the hosts, sorry but I cannot remember if it was John or Moody, made specific reference to being called to "the Nascar trailer" because of comments they had made that didn't reflect nicely on Nascar. I remember that the hosts remarked on how the situation was handled. And I remember how angry I was because I saw this as Nascar trying to muzzle the free speech of radio hosts. I don't doubt for one minute that Nas-czar wants to control all content of Sirius. Just look at what happened to
Tony Stewart when he compared Nascar to "professional" wrestling on his OWN Sirius show. He was called on the carpet and fined for presumably "missing a press conference" but we all knew the real reason was because of what he said.

Since John left, I stopped listening to Nascar on Sirius. Like I've said before, John's show was the most balanced and his treatment of callers was professtional and respectful, unlike Moody and his cohorts who treat many of their callers with distain, and major disrespect by making fun of them. Nascar fans are not stupid, regardless of how we tend to be perceived by the media, and I can tell you that if the fans see that the Sirius shows become nothing more than a mouthpiece for Brian France and Mike Helton, they will abandon Sirius altogether.

Anonymous said...

John left because PRN wouldnt let him do the show from his home. Stephanie Durnan was let go too from PRN for the same thing. She moved to Flordia and PRN wouldnt let her do a remote.


You need to get your facts straight...John left because his GF moved to Chicago. Not because PRN would not allow him to do his show from home. It is true that PRN did not allow him to do his show from home but that was due to the fact that PRN is building a new studio with a large window designed for people to watch the show being done. Hard to see John if he is not in the studio...

Stephanie was not let go. Her husband started a new career so they decided to move to the NC coast to be closer to his family. She also decided to start a new career which is not NASCAR or broadcasting related. She did not ask to be able to do the show from home.

Anonymous said...

PRN is building a new studio with a large window designed for people to watch the show being done.

So is PRN going to allow MRN personel to broadcast a Sirius show from their facility?

Anonymous said...

So is PRN going to allow MRN personnel to broadcast a Sirius show from their facility?

I would say unlikely. PRN has no obligation to Sirius. Would MRN allow PRN to broadcast from their new studios?

Anonymous said...


I do have my facts straight. Read the Sirrus forum and you will see it from Johns own words.
And Stephanie also wanted to work from Florida but PRN said no. It has nothing to do with their new studio. That is BS. That is only on race weeks, which they only have two per year at Lowes anyway.
And PRN was producing the show for Sirrus and lost the contract to MRN, so dont think there arent sour grapes. A black eye on Mr Rice, which is just the beginning. More to come out.

Anonymous said...

Any chance at all that MRN & PRN would merge? I know it's ISC vs. SMI - France vs. Bruton but they did get together on the souvenir side with Motorsports Authentics.

MRN did move to Charlotte area too. Maybe this is in the works?

Anonymous said...

I am a SIRIUS subscriber and have been for over a year now. I do not feel that anyone at SIRIUS just tows the company line at all. Some are more outspoken then others and thought that John did a great job of looking at NASCAR critically. Some people may have thought he was negative on the sport, I was not one of them. I miss hearing him on the radio and miss the show he hosted. While I felt his remarks on that topic were probably a decision that could have hindsight written all over it, he said what he said and in a way I agreed. If you don't look at it super close and look at it from the outside of things, John had a valid point that made you wonder "what if?". SIRIUS, in my opinion, does a great job of ensuring the hosts can speak of their own views rather than NASCAR's views.

It was something that was not needed to be hashed out in a public forum, but it happened. I would welcome John back to SIRIUS in a heartbeat, and hope his fellow hosts would do the same with no hard feelings. He wanted to make us thing and spark discussion in a forum that was fairly dead. He did.

Anonymous said...

that previous post was mine, didnt let me enter my name the first go around.

Anonymous said...

No, MRN and PRN wont merge because Bruton wants to buy MRN and Nascar would never turn over their radio to Bruton Smith. NO WAY...and no way Bruton would sell his to MRN.
He has to have control and at 80 years old he is too old to change.
MRN moved because it was closer to the race shops...plain and simple And their studios make PRN's look like a dump....

Anonymous said...

You won't see MRN & PRN merge. One of the reasons being is each radio network is a very important marketing arm to each of their companies. ISC uses MRN to help sell tickets for events at ISC tracks, that's why you hear the various commercials for ISC tracks on the network....just like SMI uses PRN for the same purposes. I really thought when NASCAR took over handling the TV rights in the late 90s, that they'd do the same for radio and have MRN become the exclusive radio voice of NASCAR, similar to how the Truck series is, as well as how the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network is the exclusive radio network for the Indy Racing League.

Anonymous said...

Great point about the "Marketing Arm" very true.

Does anyone know more about the tie in or partnership with MRN and Sirius? What goes there?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't know what to think.

On one hand, NASCAR's reputation for controlling the media is well known. There is supposedly even an Article 4, which ensures that controversial comments don't make their way onto live NASCAR telecasts.

On the other, Kernan seems extremely bitter. From what I understand, Poole isn't afraid to speak out on NASCAR issues when warranted. I don't know about Dave Moody (or for that matter any other Sirius NASCAR host) because I don't subscribe to Sirius.

Also, what is the meaning of "I'll tell you all more later" (my paraphrase)? Has he signed a book deal? Does he have another show or interview lined up? Or is Kernan just paranoid?

Anonymous said...

Ask Tony Stewart if calling NASCAR on the carpet has consequences. It does. Anyone who thinks otherwise has not been paying attention. So I have to beleive that John Kernan is somewhat correct in what he is saying.

Anonymous said...

i have had sirius for 4 years now, and to say any of the hosts are shills for NASCAR is total bs.I believe The Drivers Seat show was taken off the air because, they couldn't get any Sprint Cup drivers to do the show on a regular basis. Buddy Baker aside, the other co-hosts were just not popular enough. In an earlier post someone mentioned the Speed show Pit Bull,do U all realize Poole was on this show as well and disagreed with NASCAR on issues alot. For Kernan to attack the credibility of other hosts is just plain wrong,these people are if anything professionals and have responded the same way I would have if my professionalism was called into question.By the way, the difference between a show host and a reporter is,a reporter presents an unbiased view of a subject, a talk show host has to have an opinion to argue from or the show will not work. Just because their opinions may differ from yours doesn't make them corporate mouthpieces,and I wish some of you people would keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

PRN Radio does still show Stephanie Durner as the host for its Sunday night, post-race call-in show.

Anonymous said...

JD- On the air tonight PRN introduced the new host for its Sunday call-in show, but I did not catch what, if anything, was said about Stepanie Derner. As I recall, until he got the PRN-SIRIUS show, John Kernan for several years had been the host or co-host of PRN's Sunday night, post-race show, which then was a 2 hour show.

Anonymous said...

She isnt coming back and John was a co-host as well, so now both are gone.
PRN cannot come close to MRN, the real voice of Nascar.
PRN has Fast Talk on Monday night with guest drivers, and half the time they dont show up so they use local drivers like Mike Wallace. What a joke. Advertise Kurt Busch and Sadler, and you get Wallace.
Just one of many reasons PRN will never be anywhere except where Bruton owns the speedway.

Anonymous said... step away from NASCAR for one second and look what all is happening!

First of all...Hello JD!! I remember well how you first helped train me in the ways of motorsports television with "Prime Time Motorsports" back in the early 90's. That was a lifetime ago!! I enjoy your site.

Secondly, I just want to clarify my own situation. At least one poster got it right. My husband did, in fact, start a new business...and as a result we have moved to his native area on the NC coast. I can assure you that PRN did not let me go. In fact, I commuted back to Charlotte on Sundays for the last couple of months of the 2007 season. And I never requested the opportunity to do a show from home. I made a deliberate decision to step away from NASCAR broadcasting and focus my priorities on my family, including two small children. PRN was extremely supportive of my decision, and PRN President Doug Rice has been one of the most loyal and supportive employers I have ever had. I had a wonderful run in NASCAR, though, and while it was primarily in television, the last couple of years doing radio have been a blast! Things have changed a lot since I came up through the ranks, but it's clear to see that spirited debate will always continue!!

Daly Planet Editor said...


Nice to hear from you and the fact that everthing is going well.

I love that area of NC and hope that your hubby's new career works out for the best.

If you get a chance, drop me a line at sometime!